Coot interview with KIS Organics 8/17

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  1. A thank you to Jay R 1787 for posting this in the No-Till thread. I thought everyone would enjoy this two part interview as much as I did. Topics discussed ( Malted Barley, Worm castings, Compost, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Comfrey and Kelp).

    Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast Episode 3
    ( Transcript of the Interview )
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  2. Great stuff Tad Hussey is a great guy full of info and coot....well that just goes without saying he's another great fella who brings all this stuff to the table for us to "eat up". Glad I found this community it taught me alot about this world, organic living in particular but mostly there is still great people doing great things in this day and age. Thank God for that as hard as it is to believe there are people still willing to share gold for free. Thanks for everything guys seriously!
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  3. Wow the end. Rye grain increases phos. That's an issue I tend to run into with fresh soil. I never stop learning from this guy. Might mix barley and rye. Especially those fast flowers.
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  4. I was thinking same thing mix the 2 in the sst
  5. The wait is over ladies and gentlemen. I give you Part 3 of Coots interview

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  6. at the 44 min mark coot talks about sprouting barely and mentioned he just let it germinate. i always thought its best to let the seed grow a tap root before using it in SST
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  7. :icgreen: Thanks.
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