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  1. Would this be over kill in a 10 square foot space?
    I'd like to be able to have the tent closed up and the temperature be around 75-80 degrees. Right now I have to little seedlings and it's about 84 with 85% humidity, I believe those are decent conditions.

    I want to run a 400w mh for a few days, I figure i'll induce flowering at about 6-12 inches on these, not sure what they are, I believe one is a bubba haze and the other is a med house seed from an unknown strain. I really need to keep the temperature down. If the temperature in the house is 75 and I run 400w and vent with a 145cfm fan will i be within an acceptable temperature range?
  2. Ok So I think I finally have a decent starter set up going.
    hopefully I don't screw these plants up. I wasn't sure if it started stretching so I moved the light closer, is it too close?
    As you can see my temps are also lower. I plan on using a 400w mh, probably an eye hortilux or a sunmaster cool deluxe, at 18" or so. I'll also be getting more seeds, maybe I can have a succssful hydro start for once this time. :)
    I should also be getting clones monday so I can have some of a harvest before christmas. I'm using fox farm ocean forest, no nutes, just regular tap water a little and a little spray to increase humidity.

    My question is, how exactly do I mount the light with those movers? It would seem I should tie the rope like end to the tip, and I'm confused about why I have a hook, does anyone have a good source to point me too? Tying it seems unsafe, I'd be scared to come home and see my light fell on my babies!

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