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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hippie john, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. I have just finished my box in the attic but even with fans and my 150w HPS, it still ~87degrees. anyone have some cheap cooling ideas/methods?

    much appreciated:D
  2. When you say cheap , do you mean $20 or $200??? I had crazy heat problems 90+ and got a A\C and a can get it below 65 if I wanted to. Besides that I tried better intake and exhaust, ballasts out of the grow area and couldn't get it down. If I was you I would look for a cheap used AC. Sorry bud, probably not the answer you where looking for.
  3. *update* temps are reaching 98!!

    i'll look into an AC. do ya think walmart might have on? i was gonna go there today anyway. i'll install the exaust as see how we go.
  4. i dont grow from seeds, nor do i have any, sorry:(. i could send ya some cuttings though:D
  5. nah, it would still take like 2 days. nut i found a technique that will keep 'em fresh for like 4 days to a week:D. I'll be taking cuttings in about 3 - 4 weeks, when i do i'll send ya like 5 or 6, depending on how many i can get. if they turn out really branchy, i'll give you like 15 - 20. half or whatever. are you growing outdoors or indoors?
  6. yeah, i use rootone, but dip 'n grow works just as good. i'll send some with roots some without. cause you can only fit like 3 rooted ones in a package, so 10 would be expensive to ship. i'll figure out the cheapest 2 day shipping and might send ya a box full of rooted plants.:D if not they'll just be cuttings.:) i thinnk rooted plants last longer though, i'll research a little more:)
  7. i dunno, i dont buy
  8. its illegal to sell stuff on here? never knew that.
  9. Did you get the temp down yet???
  10. i think he got them at about 80 degrees?

    i cant remember our chat like to hear about that mailing method, good luck to the both of you

    also: john, if you're using a light (i cant rememebr if you are or not), doesnt plexiglass help reduce heat? least, that is what im told...
  11. So what is a good median temperature to grow in? With the ac its in the 60's and without it's in the 80's... What should I do?
  12. without CO2 injection = 70 - 76 daytime, 60 - 66 nighttime

    with CO2 injection = 80 - 86 daytime, 70 - 76 nighttime.

    i got the temps down to 80, but are somethimes going up to 86 (i dont use CO2, so this is bad). i'm gonna install the passive intake into the garage, sometime next week (dont have time or money this week).:)
  13. yes, they are. in a few grows i'm thinkin of getting a CO2 system:D.
  14. I saw a cheap CO2 method posted elsewhere.

    Lime chips and vinegar apparently.

    I suppose added to a sealed container and somehow vented near the plants.

    It would be a bitch to regulate the amount though i'd think.

    Just a thought.
  15. Uhhhhmmmmm??
  16. Uhmmmm?

    Seems like a workable idea to me if you have time and knowledge to do the stoichiometric calculations. I don't have any college chemistry experience so I certainly don't.

    The vinegar and the lime chips react over x amount of time giving a slow release of CO2.

    However, IMO the downside would be controlling the amount of release.

    CO2 release (if you want to use it) has to be highly controlled and as constant as possibly. Large shifts in the air contents stress your girls as much as large changes in anything else would.

    Also when adding CO2 it has to be in harmony with the rest of your set up. Temperature must be raised, lights must be ventilated, air exchange and flow must be better regulated.

    In short a hassle.

    Some would argue that a more effective solution in any case is just better air movement. The rationale being that more CO2 is passed to the stomata with a steady 24 hr breeze at 350 ppm (natural) than by raising the CO2 levels to an unknown quantity at the expense of ventilation.

    IMHO CO2 is more hassle than it's worth for your 90% of growers.

  17. Sure 80-85 is optimal, but how often in nature does a plant see optimal temp? I grew indoors in texas for years without AC and temp. was never an issue, even running the lights at night,( during summer), the temp.s usually stayed in the 90s and sometimes even 100s. The plants grown in these temp.s were in no way noticeably different than plants grown during the winter when it was much cooler. I mean it is a weed after all, which thrives outdoors in temps well above what is considered optimal.

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