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Cooling a 600W HPS

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by twistedlogic420, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. I have an HPS on its way but I'm so concerned about the temperature of the beast.

    My plan is to run some ducting from an intake port, through the cooling tube, and finally out the exhaust. Keeping my scrubbing on a separate fan and having fresh air move through the ducting instead of the heated air in the room.

    The catch, I'm wondering if I could use some high performance computer server fans. Maybe use two, on on the intake and one on the exhaust.

    I'm wondering if my idea sounds logical and doable. These fans can move plenty of air, just not sure they can handle the heat.

    Edit: Wow its been 3 years and this is my first post.
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  2. At the core of you dilemma is ....what size space is this?
    a 600w does 1 square yard or meter very well,with 6 inch venting, a 400w does the same size space but a lot cooler using 4 inch venting.

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    Congratulations on your first post, many don't and a few do, make that commitment

  3. Hah, silly me I forgot to mention it is a 4'X8'X8' that stays relatively cool. Right now I'm only using half the room and rocking 496W of CFL and temps are hovering around 60 degrees, but its still only 60 degrees outside.

    Maybe I'm over thinking things, this is my first experience with any type of HID and I'm anxious. I read that a bunch of the heat comes from the ballast anyway?

    Just wondering if I could exhaust it with with some 5" 18-30V ebm-papst fans. I have them running overvolted on a 32V PS and they can really move some air. At stock they said they are rated for 160cu.ft/min.

    I know PC fans suck with back pressure, so I figure with a cool tube there isn't really any resistance besides the bulb. And these aren't your normal PC fans, they are completely metal.
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    this light does veg and bud, and you may turn it down to 400w if too hot, something for you to consider, I think your fan selection is too small ...go 6", remember we are gonna have a summer one Purple Apollo brand 600w Watt Digital Dimmable Ballast Hydroponic Grow Light System with Gull Wing Reflector and Metal Halide(MH) and High Pressure Sodium(HPS) Light Bulbs, Cord + Rope Ratchet Hanger: Patio, Lawn & Garden
    Not bad for the price of 2 tanks of gas

  5. That's the ballast I order, thanks to your suggestion in another thread.

    I bought the $195 package though, it offers a bigger reflector and a cool tube.

    Thanks "V".
  6. The pc fans wont work for a 600 watt. Your stuff will cook in there with tiny fans trying to move air. You didnt mention your medium but if its dwc or something that has liquid that will also warm up depending on the room temperature as well. Have more ventilation than what you need that way you can always adjust down its hard to add more. I have a 6 inch duct for my 400 watt, and then i have two more 6 inch intakes for the room itself and my room is smaller than yours. Granted I live in the south and its hotter here all the time but those are all things you have to consider. You can buy a 6 inch duct fan for not a ton of cash and it will move some serious air. Word of advice make sure you run your system before adding your plants to it you want to make sure you have it tuned fairly well before putting your babies in there.

    Good Luck

  7. Nice, I'm using the same size tent and lights. I use separate fans for cooling the lights and pulling through the filter too. I'm dealing with the same temps as well, cool basement.

    Like Vostok said though, summer is coming. My fans are on speed controllers so that when temps are 60f I run them at less than half power, but when summer hits I can crank them up. Dialing in, as they say. Without speed controllers, your grow temps will fluctuate with the ambient temps.

    Agree with everybody else about the pc fans, too weak. Try it though, it's easy to swap out a fan. Just be prepared to buy a 6" 400 cfm like Vostok recommended.
  8. So are both your fans 400CFM?

    One last HID noobie question, with the ballast placed outside the box and the tube cooled via duct work, how much heat is generated by just the light?

  9. Yes, both fans are 400 cfm. Very little heat is generated from the lights when they're cooled.
  10. Sweet. That gives me some hope, lol.
  11. 1/2 a kilowatt, shitloads, enough to cook a steer (roast) in ...4 hours, now you have the light...bled some more on heat extraction, understand you need only do this once ....then you're set for ....years, but a box...?
    pix would be nice


    Never never liked large reflectors since one tried scalping me years ago...still got he scar, cops thought I got beat
  12. If your temps are 60 degrees you will probably benefit from the extra heat of the 600w lol. Ideal temps are around 70-80

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