Coolest Toilet Ever!

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. That would be a little awkward at first, but that is cool.
  2. THAT IS SOO COOL!!!! I want to take a big crap and smoke a fatti in there!
  3. omg I soooo LOVE IT!!! where are these toliets? :D that cracks me up lol, bless the person who thought of this lmao
  4. I think its in london, not sure though. I saw this on the news about a month ago. I want to go and take a big shit in that toliet. Maybe if i'm ever in the area were that toliet is, i'll make sure to eat a burito and go give that bowl a visit.
  5. looks clean........ id get laid in it
  6. i dont think i would enjoy that at all
  7. yeah it looks cool here...but that is the same toilet setup that was in my jail cell....
    not too cool now huh?
  8. smoke a bowl with the po outside and they couldnt see you :), that would be heaven on earth to me


  9. shit man that toilets so fucking awesome!!! its even cooler than my toilet, which is like, just a normal toilet
  10. That would be hella cool to have sex in that.

  11. That's exactly what I was thinking. But was your jail cell toilet enclosed in a material that you could see out of but no one could see into. Thats what I thought.

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