Coolest thing your pet does?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by iMarihuana, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. The rock star!
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  2. 68459969-5F2C-494E-B975-FE14717A69C5.jpeg Gets pissed when u sit on her couch 12FD49C0-DE33-4C34-A102-4A034EBA97DA.jpeg
    Knows how to chill D78A4CE5-6C2F-4A4F-8534-4DBC4568B666.jpeg
    And let’s ya know when she’s happy
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  3. I bought CBD dog treats and opened it to give to my dog. I forgot to zip it and my dog stole it the other day...:smoking-rapper:
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  4. Gave a bunch a trimmings to a guy , his wife made a bunch of stuff ,one was doggie treats .
    I screwed up , thinking there was no thc in the trimmings , I ended up giving my dog 4 doggie treats that was also made of coconut oil .
    It was all bad , Dog got sick and really stoned .Shit all over the kitchen and bathroom floor.
    At one point he couldn't stand up … he wants nothing to do with weed …. I feel bad that I wasn't more focused on what was going on .
    I had been buying him CBD doggie treats , But I don't want to give my dog treats that screw him up ...
  5. Coolest thing... my dog comes running to you when you say "cheese" (he loves cheese) :cool:

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