Coolest thing your pet does?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by iMarihuana, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. My cat is currently sitting on my lap as i play empire total war and smoke marijuana. Not necessarily the coolest thing, but i find it pretty dope for a cat.

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  2. My boy cat can open cabinets Sent from my DROID4 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. My boyfriend and I have 7 cats but there is one that shows his affection the most. Always gives us kisses every morning by nudging his face by our mouths. He follows us around the house all day just like a loyal dog would. Super cool cat. 
  4. I know someone who's dog was able to open doors, late at night he would let himself out to pee. Most loyal puppy and i do say puppy,wasn't even 2 yet, ever
  5. My friends dog can do backflips
  6. my dalmation sits on my lap while i watch netflix yeah hes fully grown.. its annoying but he can get me a 6 pack he picks it up by the  handle havent figures out how to teach him to open the fridge yet though...
  7. My cat Belle acts like I'm her god or something. She follows me constantly, wakes me up every night various times by hitting my face to ask for strokes/hugs, she sits on the windowsill staring at me everytime I go out for a joint, plays catch with crunched up rolling papers, drools on me, falls off things all the time, NEVER meows, but everytime I let her outside and pick her up she groans like "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr".... She's cool.
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  8. my cat plays fetch
    she also has epilepsy, is obese, borderline diabetic and falls asleep in comical positions
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  9. Same here ours likes to go under the kitchen sink cause the hot water tap heater is in there and it's warm. Our male cat also plays fetch more and better than our dog. He retrieves and drops it at your feet every time lol.

    We taught our olde English bulldogge to twirl/spin in place for treats/toys. Bulldogs are not the most athletic but he gets it done.
  10. my friend always said he was gonna have a pet monkey and teach it to skin up.
    my husky can say i love you
    apart from that hes a bit of a twat
  11. One of our cats will sit and shake on command ^_^ --------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)

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  12. My cat licks her butt hole, I try but can't reach, she don't wanna lick mine, so I lick hers and she screams then runs, maybe I'm too hot for her ?
  14. I know someone who has a giant dog, he'll run up to you real fast, then flop upside down.  :smoking:
  15. My dogs lick their own balls. Pretty cool, I mean shit, I can't do that. Lawd knows I would if I could.
  16. had a dog that could pick which hand had the piece of treat in.  would put it in one hand and pass it back an forth behind my back, without showing it and have the dog touch the hand she thought it was in with her paw.  seemed like she liked this game.
  17. Did you know that those who do dog handling stuff in the security world jerk their dogs off 2-3 times a day, just so the dog will "bond" with the master ! ...true.
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  18. My cat climbs trees next to me when I'm smoking in my backyard just so he can have a whiff of ze ganja :D
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  19. My dogs not allowed to sleep on my mums bed but every morning when she woke up the dog was there :laughing:
    She started closing her door at night and accused us of letting her in her room during the night :confused_2:
    It turns out she was waiting under my mums bed at night time until she fell asleep and then jumping up :cool:
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  20. My tortoise (Silent Bob) eats my fan leaves. Not heated it don't get him high but is super healthy free food.  But most of my pets are just odd.  

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