Coolest strain name you've heard?

Discussion in 'General' started by IAmMcLovin, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Whether it be fictional, picked up from your guy, or dropped from the sky, share your favorite strain names, and where you heard them, and why you like it.


    Rudolph the Red Eyed Reindeer (From Harold and Kumar 3 which i saw today, awesome movie, would definitely recommend it to anyone stoner or not)

    The image of this would be awesome. A reindeer with blazing red nose and eyes.

    Green Crack (Saw it in a dispensary once)

    Just sounds like how good weed is. Its like green, safe, less addictive crack.

    Hawaiian Sunrise (Buddy bought it and we smoked it)

    Hawaii's sunrise is amazing.
  2. Purple Funkmaster Deluxe.

    I just made that up.
  3. My dealer called some stinky bud he had sour pussy lol he made it up but I have to give him props because ppl he got it from believed him and called it that lol
  4. Mayonnaise Kush
  5. Querkle is pretty dope, but i like Sour Jack Berry which was sour d x jack herer x shishkaberry....
  6. Cat Piss. Lol I actually picked some shit up that my dude called "cat piss" haha. It was pretty potent.
  7. Harold and Kumar 3? Are you sure?

    Around here the dealers don't usually name it, except if they grow some very known strains such as white widow, cheese etc.
  8. Skywalker OG
    Orange Dream Machine - the bud was seriously straight orange, you could not locate a green leaf on it and it was straight dankkk!
  9. Girl scout cookies
  10. Skywalker is a dope strain name I'd like to try. Champagne was some bomb shit I got in Montreal, that's a pretty cool name I think. For a while all I was getting was this shit called "Godbud Galaxy" haha, it was quite excellent though.
  11. " Kryptocronicunnalight ni**a "

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