Coolest place youve smoked

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  1. So where's the coolest place you've smoked my fellow stoners?
    Mine happened to be on a small peninsula in Maryland. 😊
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    Only 129 days left of probation 😊
  2. Seaview Abandoned Hospital(Documentary on some of it called Killer Legends)
    At the smoking section of The hard rock cafe attached to the yankees stadium in the bronx
    In the engine room of a tugboat in the middle of east river.
    In the middle of train carts while the train was moving.
    and roofs of houses(especially my house)
    dammit so much to choose.  but my hands down favorite was on the Carnival Breeze Cruise with some jamaican herb i scored off one of our excursions.  Took a picture of us coming back into miami right after i smoked my last bowl. best picture i ever took.  The first one is me on the tugboat i ended up smoking on.
  3. Dope as hell man! 👌

    Only 129 days left of probation 😊
  4. In my old back yard before I moved out, we had a very old and very huge tree. I'd finish up my night time walk and climb that shit nearly to the top to burn one while I got a gorgeous view of damn near the entire town. Man, I miss that tree. :(

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  5. There's a waterfall in a town called Waterfall which you have to hike about 5-6km through bush to get to.
    There are many places to chill and the water is clear as glass. I've seshed there every birthday for the past 3 years. You can get bonfires going and there's a rope you can swing on to jump into the water (not very safe though lol)
  6. coolest place, an old crumbling cabin in the middle of the woods. :)
  7. In the middle of the North Pacific ocean, 100 miles away from any land out from Alaska.

    Fuckin trippy, being stoned and not being able to see land...
  8. On top of the Space Needle.

    My friend and I sneaked a joint in with us to go to the observation deck on a day that wasn't too busy. We found a bench that sat just barely out of sight of the widows and didn't had too many people clustered around. We took turns ducking behind each other and fighting the wind to light it up. In hindsight I wish we'd brought a torch.

    About halfway through the joint, a group of 3 walked by and said "we can smell that around the corner." We decided to avoid a run in with security and pack up shop, but not before one man in the group gave me a fist bump and an enthusiastic "Duuuuuude!"

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  9. Wow you guys have some awesome ass experiences 😂

    Only 129 days left of probation 😊
  10. Oh my gosh dude I just got on probation and am staying clean also.. It's so fucking hard but it's gonna be a long t-break and SO worth it in the end aha
  11. Heaps of places! Waterfalls, tropical island, inside work, inside a night club, in school! Tropical Island and waterfalls would be the best! I like serenity!

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