Coolest place for a road trip?

Discussion in 'General' started by archimedes69, May 26, 2010.

  1. I wanted to go on a road trip and was gonna take weed of course but i don't know what places are the coolest to go as far as getting away with smoking and such. i was looking for a place like wyoming or something like with wilderness to chill. looking for a leave on firday come back next friday trip nothing to far from texas or that long of a drive any adivce would be helpful! even about things i might forget to bring :)
  2. A full week? Hell your in Texas so I would either travel West to Cali North to Colorado or West to Florida. Your in the perfect area to really hit all sorts of GREAT spots of the Nation. Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Yellow Stone, Everglades, all the open wilderness and great cities combine with bud might be an epic trip. I recommend a picture journal for us people who are stuck at home with kids and responsibilities :D
  3. Yeah i was thinking about going to big bend down in west texas and just shroomin out the whole time:hello:
  4. Hmm go to the bermuda triangle and tells us how it was :D

  5. This^!

    Try cali, should be something...better than shroomin in your own state, maybe!:p

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