coolest outdoor expierience ever

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by highntitehippy, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Me and a couple of my buddies were hiking this mountain near my home. This mountain is well traveled and there is a small petting zoo, so keep in mind the animals are pretty domesticated. Anyway, we took a smoke break a little way off of the trail, and, mid-joint, this deer walks within ten feet of us just to check us out, we didn't say a word and she stayed there for about two minutes... completely amazing!
  2. sounds great dude, happens to me all the time around here! nature is amazing
  3. yea I probably sound pretty stupid, but it was new to me and amazing
  4. This is a good one lol. Just something I witnessed a few years ago.

    So I was like 17 and we were on this family vacation. We were going to Canada and flew into Montana to met my grandma there. On our drive to the border we passed through a national wildlife park. So we're driving through and notice like 6 or 7 cars pulled off to the side up ahead. So we pull up and get out. Turns out there is this moose with her cub. And everyone's one like awww how cute and taking pictures and what not. All of a sudden this giant bear comes rushing outta the brush and just takes out the cub. The other moose just took off and this bear precided to rip apart this baby moose in front of a bunch of tourists.

    Lets just say people weren't saying awww taking pictures anymore lol. Just goes to show the power of mother nature and her creatures lol. :devious:
  5. Oh! Well... ... That just sucks! Shit!

  6. boomin...wanted to have fun outdoor experience..had buddy drive 5 min away from our house while we kept our eyes shut. got dropped off, came completely prepared -cigs, glass, green, booms - and had just fun a tight ass tree to smoke lighter..spent whole night trippin balls off roamin throughout neighborhood when stumbled across mushrooms growing off tree. Best moment though -- first time hippieflippin (x+booms) graduation night - pooring outside -- climbed up a tree and sat chilled and smoked in it's 40+feet limbs while water pored on us.
  7. Lol what :confused_2:

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