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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by cowboysaxman, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. GREAT idea ganjaphish!!!! I'm really exicited about being first to be able to post here!! I've been a musician most of my life,my mother was a musician, and I sang on stage with her the first time at 4yrs old. Wishin' you and your's BIG OL' BUDS and the music of life!
  2. this is totally perfect!! everyone can relate to music. Wow cowboy-that's something else we have in common. i do back up for a rap group called 'rekless'. is the site their at, and i'm signed to koalition records. Checkem out What kind of music r u into?
  3. ALL KINDS jada...ALL KINDS!!! I can't stand music "bigots" that trash other's musical choices!! Cool website for recklass!! Great logo....gotta get one of them T-shirts! Gonna order a CD soon, GOOD LUCK to you and the recklass crew!
  4. sorry bout mis-spelling rekless......waaaay Blazed!!
  5. cowboy- Don't be sorry about misspelling it its cool. You are one of my favorites, I could never be mad at you!!! :)
  6. Thanx sweet thang......I love your tude!!
  7. cowboysaxman you're one of my fav's too :D oh i hate to say it but i have quite a few favorites too, hehe
    i love anyone who is enthusiastic about music, though, it has touched me in such a deep way i can't help but love those who it has touched as well in a certain way.
    more to come...

  8. Geez ganjaphish, don't hate to say ya got lots of "favorites" here! It shouldn't come as a suprise. Like you, there are so many warm people here!! It's easy to gather many favorites!!I realise this is the "net", and it's full of fantasy folk, but Id much rather be a friend to a fantasy than deprive myself the chance to make a new friend!! Music has the power to draw people together!! Herb& Toons......what a wonderful life!!
  9. GOD I know it's like WHY CAN'T SHE STOP POSTING?! :D

    Sorry, I'm on a roll tonite. I have to admit I love all our grasscitians, I truly do! You can tell by all my other posts about it haha

    As for being fantasy folk, well we *are* alive, at least we're not conjuring each other up in some demented headgame where we're all so mental we actually are only hallucinating this message board to cope with some freaky traumatic issue..
    Or maybe I am..
    Are you really out there man?


    ok anyway i agree :) there's nothing like meeting a new friend in a totally different part of the world :)
  10. It's crazy isn't it. We could walk by each other on the street and have no idea who we were. We could even be introduced by name and still would have no idea. You would NEVER guess if you saw me, and I think if I saw most of you it would be a stretch to believe that we were the ones sitting here in our homes communicating together. However...I think that is the key. We are truly communicating. That is why, I don't feel like your fantasy friends. To me, ya'all are new friends. Friendships that will continue to grow, because I've seen more and heard more than most people I'm friends with.

    And the music connection! Whew!!! Friendships like music touch the soul. You guys have touched my soul. This next bowls for you. Love ya!


    PS. How do you get those smiles on the bottom. I saw the one with peace and some smoke on the side. I like that one.
  11. I always smoke bowls for grasscity, I agree with you livingrace :)
    As for the smilies, I think you can insert them by using HTML. I tried it a few times but to be honest when I'm baked it seems like a bit too much effort. Do a search on smilies on a search engine & you will probably find some!

    It is kind of a trip, I was thinking the same thing ~ I could walk right pass a fellow grasscity member & not even know that it's YOU or YOU or YOU!
    Well, I HOPE that doesn't happen because if I ran into ya'all I'd like to say hi and give big hugs, you know!
    Love love and love!
  12. It is fun comin' here to see what y'all have to say.

    I never thought I'd make friends on the web (just because we really don't usually ever get to meet). But I have, and it's cool!

    And I seem to have a little mental image of what I think you all look like too. Nothing really specific... kind of weird to explain, but I do wonder what y'all look like!

    On the bottom of the pages when you post is a link to our smileys that we offer here. (Just click on the word smileys)

    All you do is type the "code" that you see next to the smiley and it'll post it.

    There is a smiley site that I could recommend but they're having a really hard time trying to keep the site up and running. ($$$$)

    You may get just the image url posted some times (which somehow doesn't seem to have the same impact).

    But the ones we have are pretty cool, and they do the job as far as conveying emotions.

    You can click on this sentence to go straight to the smiley page if you can't find the link below.

    (I'm not sure why there are 2 smileys listed for each code, but one or the other will appear when you use it.)
  13. Thanks for trying to help, but I'm not finding them. You have it budburner that's what I want at the bottom of my posts. I like that.

    I agree too about hoping if we ever run into each other we would know it, because I would LOVE to give you guys a HUGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think I got it.

    Let's see.
  15. HEY! I WANT SMILEY'S TOO!! Was too embarasssssed to ask how!! Nope....won't ask for directions either ( unless forced! )HaHaHaHa! ......Testing 1 2 , Testing 1 2.....
  16. OK now I feel really stupid!.......gonna piss me off if I hafta wait til I'm not Blazed to get this right!!!!!! :wave:
  17. YAAAAAAAY I"M NOW A PUTER' GENUIS!!! :wave: :hello: :smoke: ;) LMFAO!!!! AND I did it my way..........BLAZED!!!
  18. the idea machine is kickin' in,,,,what about having some sort of hat/lapel pin you could wear like on trips and such, designed by one of the artistic folk round heah!!! :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: Ya could spot a bro/sis Grasscitian that way!
  19. Ahhh yes, my son.

    Now you have moved on to the next level.....

    Computer programming in Java


    Glad to have helped. (y'all found the smiley link at the bottom of the page, right?)

    I'll even give you the link to the smiley site. I feel bad keepin' it from you. :(

    Like I said, they are having trouble keeping things up and running all the time, but they have a lot of smileys to use.

    You click on the smiley and the url code appears in the little text window at the top of the page. Copy that and paste it in your message and it adds it to your post. (If you have ftp space, you can somehow upload the smiley directly to your ftp space and use it from there. If you have AOL, then you have free ftp space. Aeroblurg knows how to do that. Since I have no ftp space I haven't even tried yet.)

    They had many more smileys before, but they are loosin' it.

  20. [​IMG]

    call me a girl but i like the animals.. especially this one of the frog eating tinkerbell hehe


    my question is, do these lil guys ever get tired??

    see i overdo it all in one post and get burnt out! xoxo

    p.s. love you guys! *hugs*[​IMG]
    thanx budburner for the link :D


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