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  1. I've wanted a reptile or a bug for a pet for a while but never really got around to it. But after a while my friends started buying lizards and each kind seems pretty cool. And I already have the equipment (minus a light) to care for one, so I'm guessing ill get on.

    I went to the closest (but pretty small) pet store and only found bearded dragons and anoles. My friend has a bearded dragon and it seems sick, but I want something new, you know (and something that grows to be a bit bigger. I have a huge tank =D).

    I was wondering if anyone had any cool lizard suggestions? I need something common enough to be found for less than $100 (I'm wanting a young one so I can watch it grow, those are usually cheaper right?), but I could put it off a while and save up a little more if it's really worth it.

    I'm not looking for anything too crazy because I'd strongly prefer to find it at a local seller. I know some places sell pets online but that seems so shady and I don't know how risky that is for me or the animal.. but I'd consider it if the seller seemed good
  2. If you want something low maintenance that just lazes around all day, get a bearded dragon. They'll chill on your shoulder all day.

    Iguanas are cool too, but they are a lot more active and can get humongous.

    I'd just get a snake. Tree pythons are stunning creatures.
  3. Water dragons are pretty kl u can make a little pool section if u have a big tank and a tropical section they love it Chinese are green and Australians like a beige grey colour. Australian ones get bigger i believe but their pretty ace to watch
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    How much does a young iguana tend to cost? I've never paid attention to them haha. I know they can get pretty big though. I always thought they were super chill though. Like they weren't too active or anything.

    I looked up water dragons and damn those things get big. I'll look into them more though they look pretty neat
  5. No clue on the cost.

    They mostly are, but they do have the potential to be lively when they need/want to be.
  6. I'd stay away from iguanas they get 6' long and require much larger area's than most people can provide they need a entire room to them selfs if I were you I'd try dartfrogs they come in all colors of the rainbow from green to blue, red, yellow, multicolor they range in size from under a half inch for some to almost 3 inches for others they're not crazy expensive you can find them for $30-$50 each they're so easy to keep all you need to do is feed them with fruit flys once a day and mist
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    As babies they need a lot of protein, AND mixed veggies should be offered to them every day. The protein comes in the form of crickets, roaches and some other insects that you need to "plump up" (feed healthy veggies to a day or two before the Dragon eats them) and dust with a multivitamin and calcium powder. (calcium powder -three times a week and the multivitamin twice a week).

    Doesn't sound like low maintenance to me. I've owned two of them in the past. They were my ex's pets, but that slowly became me taking care of them when she neglected to do so properly. They're really cool animals if you have a lot of free time to care for them correctly. You can't just go to one store and buy everything you need to feed them, either. Due to the fact that "plumping" of the protein source is necessary for maximum nutrient per volume, it requires to not only keep the dragon, but also keep a cricket habitat. The pet store only gives them what they need to stay alive, not what's beneficial to the animal that will be consuming them.
  8. Compared to a lot of other reptiles, that regiment doesn't sound too bad. Although def. more involved than I had assumed.

    Seems to me you wouldn't want to fatten the food up too much, for fear of the lizard getting a bad impaction.
  9. Charzard!


    But in all seriousness bearded dragons are pretty legit!
  10. I used to have a tegu monitor, had the nicest disposition and was a chill AF pet. Then one day I went to move him out of the tank to put the mice in for feeding, and accidentally pulled his tail off. He got really mean after that and would always bite, BUT if your looking for a gladiator-esque battle everytime your lizard eats, then this kind is for you! Very bloody and violent, very cool to watch.

    Requires alot of mice and tank cleaning though....
  11. Leopard geckos are cool but really popular
  12. Cricket's with their hard exoskeleton aren't exactly the best diet for beardies anyways. Superworms are considered higher in protein AND fat, and are a suitable sole protein source for adult dragons. Fattening up the crickets actually makes them easier to digest for the dragon because there's more stomach contents in the insects to help it along.

    Impaction usually occurs from sandy substrates and low humidity or low water content in their diet. Given an array of fresh vegetables daily, bearded dragons do not actually need a dedicated water source. :)
  13. Op water dragons don't get that big man they getbout 3-4 ft most of it is tail thou body size probs a bit smaller than a grown bearded dragon ;)

    I personally like uromastyx thou they look so chilled out and clueless lol
  14. get a Komodo dragon! these things are fuckin crazy !!
  15. I had an Iguna for a couple years ago, sadly had to get rid of him when I moved into my new place.

    I love those big green mothafuckas now

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