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Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. earlier i was walkin to my mates house (the dr_krapp residence) after having smoked a bowl, and i had the coolest feeling that i had created the world. and that i had come down to earth to walk around wat i made, lol i also had a really weird strong connection with everything i walked past, tress, bus stops etc...

  2. ROFL, thats a good one

  3. lol yea, fk I'm baked :D

    Yeah, I've felt something like that before (shrooms)... Except in one, I was living in a world created by lizards, and everyone else was just "imaginary", ya know, like lizards created them all and so the people aren't real (that pissed me off big time), and I was the only original (real) person from when this earth was still alive and well with real people all populating (<---*strange word eh?*).
    And they (lizards) were up there watching me, seeing what I do and what I don't.... And "I know I better do my daily prayer now that I know the truth (they are watching me), or they'll get me". So then I began mubling incoherently, rocking back and forth, waving my arms and drooling.....
    After that there was alot of other shroomage-stuff, but it's all general stuff.
    The part with the "no real people", that's when I freaked (after the prayers, of course)... I was thinking "shit if it's all friggin' lizards!? What the hell am I supposed to do!?.... Ah, well I could kill myself since that's what happened to everyone else, then I might at least get to see them all again....?". But, I started coming down by then, and thought "No, this world is becoming better/safer/realistic now... I'll wait to see what happens first. It can wait". And so, I became more and more 'sane', until I was ok again. Whew, what a trip.... That was the story of my first shroom trip.
  4. lol awesome trip dude.
    i did the same thing today, at pretty much the same time, headed up to the house of krapp and had the same cool feeling, lol stash_up giveth and stash_up taketh away
  5. HA I KNEW IT!

    i just didnt say anything, thats why i commented on ur eating. lol
  6. lmao, i knew u knew but i didnt say nething, wen i cudnt stop laughing at watever it was u said, i forgot now.
  7. it was my greg dyke(sp?) joke

    even tho i kept correcting it.

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