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Coolest Dealer Youve Ever Had?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by b4tt1n1, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Back in the days, my homie introduced me to this one guy. He went by Dr Stone, dude was legit!! He would drive around in a green RAV4 delivering grams of some of the best bud I ever smoked. He always had it in a lunchbox and he even had that doctor logo on the back of his ride. I bought from him for about a year and then suddenly he disappeared and I never heard from him again. A lot of my friends bought from him and I kept hearing all kinds of rumors about him. That he had gotten caught, that he quit the business and became an actual doctor. Who knows, my point is who was the coolest dealer you guys ever bought from?

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  2. My main dealer that i pick up from right now has the dankest bud. He charges a reasonable 10 dollars a gram but has recently jacked the prices up to 15. Everyone goes over to his house to pick up/hang out. Usually theres always like 5-10 people there so it never really gets boring. He sometimes has a party every now and then. Last time they had a keg and beer pong table in the back yard. They are really chill, im about the same age group as them 18-25, but they also have older people in the clientele. You dont even need to call before to go over to his house (but of course its more polite if you do) a lot of times people just show up to his door to come pick up. Im also cool with his mom they feed me dinner sometimes when im at their house. He never skimps you and will also let you front, he keeps a list of the people that owe him money on his iphone (i owe him 10 bucks), he has like 100 dollars worth of money that people owe him.
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    When I was younger, I think 16 or 17, my friend met a random sketchy black guy at the train station asking if my pal needed tree. The guy went by the name of Buddy. Of course my friend did, and got his number. The guy must have been in his 30s, so for us at the time it was very weird considering all our other dealers were our age. So when I was first introduced to the guy, I was sketched, but he turned out cool as hell. He always gave us tips and told us to watch out for police and what not. We would walk into his backyard and go up this wooden stairs to his third story and he would open the door stoned and smoke would pour out, and he would hand us the goods.

    Considering we were little kids at the time, he could have easily have taken our money and beat us. He never did though. We even met up with him late at night in a more ghetto-hood town neighboring where I live. Just not a safe area at night. He was with another hood looking african american also. He didn't hurt us, take our money, nothing. He was always straight. Looking back on it, no white extremely skinny 16 year old should go to a ghetto town late at night and buy bud from a big black guy 20 years older then you, but damn, that guy was straight. I respect that. 

    Don't know what happened to him, eventually his phone was shut off and never saw him again. Busted? Killed? Moved? New number even? Guess I'll never know.
  4. Met my favorite deal just by chance. My regular guy at the time was out so I went looking elsewhere. I asked a friend if he knew anyone who was selling. Got a number for this guy and met him to pick up a gram. Then the next day I was looking again and since my regular guy was still out, I gave the new guy a call. This time he says he's out and about in town and says if im not too far he can bring it to me. So about 5 mins later shows up and delivers the bud. And everytime ive called him since, its been no more than a 15min wait. This dude always has bud and gets some of the best "good" around my part of the world. And he lets you owe him. AND he's only 19. he's a legit buisness man. like, his asperation in live is to constantly strive to supply weed to those in need to the best of his ability. its a talent. its super convient. When the weeds get legalized soon, this guy is going to take over.
  5. this lady that not only delivered but she always gave me huge deals like $5 grams and blowjobs everytome she came by...

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  6. One of my best friends in high school started to deal. Dude just had natural talent and was a people person. Good prices, dankest bud in town, always hooked his homies up a little fatter than the rest, and that means a lot when you're broke buying grams at a time. His parents loved me and they were always cooking dinner and shit and would let us chow down. He was a little slow to respond via phone sometimes, but he usually came through, and would even occasionally deliver it for an extra $5 if you couldn't go get it from him.
  7. Blowjobs... Niceee
  8. One of my fraternity brothers is a dealer so he always lets me smoke with him for free but I buy from him alot so I can have my own stash
  9. My home boy now. Always has fire. Been best friends forever to. Even hooks me up from his personal if I dont have money to buy any. He's thrown me an a few fat sacks for nothing. Always calls me up to sample his new arrivals. And his samples consist of bowl after bowl.

  10. two of my brothers, who both happen to actually be brothers. Cool guys, get the best shit in town and will smoke me up anytime. I always match tho, cause I'm not a bitch. 
  11. This dude named Jessie I used to go threw he would give me the buddy deal all the he all ways had legit name brand he mainly got silver haze I miss that stain .
  12. Prior to becoming legal, I used to buy from a guy I met in high school.  He was cool as fuck, always gave at least .2 over point, and was very situationally aware.  I never really felt sketched when going to see him.  Plus he lived right around the corner from me.
    In july of last year, I got a call from him after not hearing from him in a while.  He said he got his number changed and got mine from a mutual friend.  He's got the dankest shit this side of the hood, he tells me.  He always says his stuff is good, which it never wasn't, but he rarely said dankest.  And he meant it when he did, he supplied me the two best kinds I've ever had, better than dispensaries.  He wasn't lying this time, either; second best I'd ever had.
    Come to find out he was gunned down about eight hours after I met him that last time.  Saw it on the news.  He was going back to school to get a good job so he could better support his son.
    RIP B. :(
  13. That shit's rough.
  14. Yeah, I was upset.  Just so unnecessary, ya know?  I had gotten to know him well over the years, he wouldn't hurt anyone unless they hurt his family.  Some people have no respect for life anymore, it's depressing.  I was expecting the cops to show up for a while.  Not to mention I could've been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  All for some dead fucking flowers.  At least as far as I know.  He said "some niggas hatin' but I don't mess with 'em I just do me."  I guess he was right.  Maybe that's really why I hadn't heard from him in so long, he could've been laying low or something.  I do live right on the ghetto/burb border, so anything's possible.
    Alas, I shall never know.  His murder has yet to be solved.  Another victim of prohibition.
  15. I remember i had a dealer who hooked me up anytime of day.  once I took a nap in the day and woke up around 2:30am(thought it was earlier upon waking), called the guy and told me to swing by.  and it was only for a dub. He saved my wake & bake. lol.
    I find that dealers without another job are the best.
  16. I had a chick dealer about a year ago that always gave me more than I purchased, and I eventually got close to her and got free bud for 2 months. Then she got waaay too clingy and annoying and I dumped her, so nothing from her now. But she was still awesome before lol
  17. When I was growing up I had always hung out with my friends that were 4 years older than me, when i started smoking as a freshman they were in college and they always hooked me up. There was always one i bought from for a while that had pretty decent bud, and than another one would start and have even better bud. But one of my friends started dealing and he was a funny asian kid i had known for a while, always had some dank shit from a legal grow house in the area. Kid always come through never skimped me some times took me to McDonalds, but he transferred colleges so he's not around as often, haven't found bud quite as good as his in a while.
  18. I know a person JUST like this. Word for word. 
  19. i have sen the same guy for more thn 15 years man this guy is the (no homo) sweetest guy ever so nice fot my birthdasy he gave me a few grams for free n made some cupcake weed bronies with cannabutter made into with other endgridents frosting
  20. My favorite dealer was any dealer that gave me my shit when I asked for it.

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