Coolest Cop I've Ever Met

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  1. alright this shits long so gather round and get cumfy, maybe bust out some earl grey or ramen or something.

    So monday night was my last night in town and my buddy really needed a ride to pickup. My car has never been searched by the cops but every time i get in it i wonder what kinda crazy shit they would find. I wasn't too worried and he planned on payin for gas and smoking me up hella after. I will refer to him as T, his ex as L, and a random kid who came along for the ride as S. He needed 2 pickup a quap of various headie strains and i figured it would be sick to sample em all.

    Anyways we head 2 a neighborhood right outside of boston, its about a half hour drive from our town and we were cruisin bowls the whole way. i had a bowl, my scale, and 2 bags with about a bowlpack each in em leftover from recent ounces. We get there and after some wait and a bit of hassle (due to the zips being more expensive then we originally thought and T having a little less money then he needed) we leave with a zip of silver haze, a zip of white widow, and an 8th of jack herrer. We planned on rolling a huge blunt for the way back but realized we had no blunt, so we busted out the roller and started crankin out joints.

    We stopped by a chuckee cheese 2 sell a half on the way back which was a little sketchy but no more then selling bags at chuckee cheeses usually is. We bounce and hop on 495 2 get back 2 town. We spark up the 3 joints and while im driving they're trying to figure out the rolling machine. I was haulin ass weavin through traffic like a cunt until we got to a part with no cars in sight. Im in the left lane without thinking about it and were jammin 2 bob marley laughin and havin a good time, i was prolly goin 80 in a 65, nothin 2 haggard, just about right. I look up in the rearview after a good 3 minutes of no traffic insight and just as i'm about to say "whys this asshole tailgating me" my heart sank and the blues start flashin.

    Everyones like fuck are you serious. There was a definite "this is it" vibe in the car. I put on the blinks and pull over 3 lanes 2 the shoulder, we toss the joints and T throws the ounces to L who stuffs em in her bra. I didnt know this at the time i just assumed they were on the floor or under the seat. The cop is a couple feet behind us with the spotlight on us, and he walks over to the passenger window and starts aimin his flashlight in. I roll down the window and smoke pours out. He asks for my liscense and registration and before i can find the registration he asks what the smell is.

    He tells me to step out of the vehicle and i walk back to his car where he asks me why the car smells like pot, and what we were trying to hide in the car. he mentions the lit objects we threw out the window and says thats against the law whether or not they were joints. He asks me why i was in the left lane and i told him i didnt know it was against the law. He sends me to the front of my car facing away and questions the other kids in my car one at a time. They all play it cool and dont cave to the pressure.

    He calls me over again and says he knows we were smokin pot and that T admitted to throwing a joint out the window. i continue to deny knowing he was smoking and i said i just threw a cigarette out. He sends me back up to the front of my car and i can see his shadow from the spotlight of his cruiser as he searches through my car.

    "Driver! Come over here" my heart sinks, i walk back and he has the 2 bowlpack bags on the seat and asks whos they were. i deny knowing about them and say i dont usually go in my glovebox. after saying this i realized they would probably try and blame T because he was riding shotty. HE calls T over and T denies it being his. He calls it junk pot and im like "you dont have to insult the weed man" The cop knows i'm lying and says "back to your hole" haha so i went back to the front of the car facing away.

    Again i hear him call me over and i know its gotta be bad. He says "so if this isnt your weed then whos bowl and scale is this?" i was like oh those are mine, scales for makin sure bags i get are straight bowls for smoking pot. we hadnt used the bowl in days so it validated that i hadnt gone in hte glovebox that day when he smelled it and it didnt smell fresh. He starts givin me shit and asks me and t if our parents know we smoke weed, we both say yes and that they dont really care. he keeps sayin things like "oh thats real great, cool stuff" "what a state we live in" and it sounded like usual cop sarcasm assholism.

    He goes over the list of things he can get me for
    "you were speeding in the passing lane, smoking weed while driving, passenger not wearing seatbelt, have a scale on you, threw a lit object from a moving vehicle, and you got some junk pot. but you know what? i dont care. you kids wanna smoke shitty weed go ahead"

    "i got junk pot?"

    "yeah look at it, its so dry. stuff we get is so moist and sticky, go get it"

    i go grab it from passenger seat where it was sitting

    "dump it into the palm of your hand, now crush it up and throw it into the wind"

    i do it and he says "see how dry it is?"

    i'm like "yeah its probably pretty old"

    he says "now go get the scale and the bowl"

    i do it and he tells me to throw them into the woods as hard as i can, i do it easily because i hated the bowl with a passion, and had been considering smashing it for a couple days.

    he tells me to get back into the car. He goes back to his car like hes writing up all sorts of tickets, due to mass laws if i get a single moving violation i lose my liscense for 90 days so i was very nervous. He comes back and says to T "all i can give you is kudos for tellin the truth, honesty is the best policy and i respect it. which brings me to you driver" im like "hey i was honest about hte bowl and the scale, the weed aint mine" he's like "save it. You guys should be thankful that we have democrats in office, a liberal state government that listens to the people.." S says "Go OBAMA!!" from the backseat. "therefore 2night i'm going to give you a verbal warning for marijuana posession instead of making you pay all the fines. next time atleast have some quality stuff."

    I wanted to be like "well look in this chicks bra if you want quality shit, all you found was whats leftover from last weeks kb" but held back. I drove off and L looked under the seat to find the rolling machine still filled up with the weed for the last jay. we twisted it up and sparked it in a complete bliss. We pull off onto the exit for our town and go 2 turn onto a sidestreet and see a car that had been following us turn the other way. i realize it was the stateys lol they were followin us the whole time durin the jay cruise.
  2. Only read the last 2 paragraphs, but damn, that cop is pretty cool. Verbal warning for marijuana... it can't get any better lol.
  3. I purposely made a hot chocolate to read your story lol. You got very lucky :p so well done, you all played it cool.
  4. I hope this happens to me someday...

    wait.. let me re-think that.. :smoke:

    sick story, read the whole thing :cool:
  5. haha you're an idiot

    stay out the left lane if you aint passin brethren
  6. haha ya i honestly didnt know though. he was like "maybe we'll just make u take drivers ed again, would you care then?" i was like "yes actually i would care"
  7. The cop at my old highschool was kinda like that, one time I got busted with like a half o or an o, don't really remember, there is a thread about it somewhere around here. He turned around and told me to get rid of it, so I tossed it down a storm drain. He told me not to bring it out of my house. My friend went by later and got the bag back.

    You gotta love the stoner cops.
  8. shenanigans

    I think if a cop ever found ween and a scale together, that's an automatic arrest..

    you got so damn lucky

  9. I've been caught with an ounce, scale, and paraphernalia at the same time and got off with a warning, but it was pretty intense and for a while I was sure I was going to jail. No joke.

    I read the whole story. You were lucky, man. But you could've prevented the whole thing. 80 in a 65 with 2 ounces in the car? Whenever I pick up weight, I drive the speed limit the whole way back and wait till i'm home to smoke. It always just seemed like common sense to me.

    Not trying to be down on you, just offering advice.:smoke:
  10. Good shit, you got off lucky.
  11. im glad you didnt get fucked over, man.

    if youre on probation, about to lose your liicense, and you have bud in the car, and youre smoking bud in the car, why the hell are you doing 80mph???
  12. The only thing you really did wrong here was have those bowlpack bags separate and you had a scale. Massachusetts is now a decriminalized state, meaning the worst penalty you can get for under an ounce is $100, unless of course they get you for sale and distribution as well.
  13. Dude ur so lucky but that is an amazing story
  14. lucky bro, i got busted with less than a g, and my scale....hardcore fucked, intent 3rd degree with no PTI. all depends on the cops, i happened to get the biggest asshole in the world.
  15. I think I drive much much safer whilst stoned, not for fear of being pulled over it's just so that my concentration level goes through the roof.

    Also, if you live in Boston why'd ya take 495?! Thats way outta the way brothah.

    Depending on where you live, route 2 is a sickk route to burn on, from western Mass to Boston theres hardly any Staties, with the exception of Concord. Don't burn in Concord, kid.
  16. Damn dude your real lucky, and i was listenin to marley that whole time made the story good. :smoke:
  17. lol i'm seriously picturing this guy doing all this and picking it up and being like "it's so dry! IT SUCKS!!! not even worth it!!!" great story.
  18. what part of mass?
    shrewsbury cops tend to be pretty chill as well
  19. What town are you from/what neighborhood in boston did you pick up from?

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