Coolest cop ever rolled my friends kickback last night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deathfrmabovce, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. wassup GC so me and a few friends decidd to throw a lil kick back, we had alot of ladies over and where playin some BP and smokin in the back yard. well someone called to cops so we all dipped upstairs. The house owner went outside and started talkin to the cop

    the cop was like "i dont want to be nazi cop and ruin you party, its friday night, have fun, just dont let anyone drive and keep the noise down otherwise ill have to shut you guys down, ok?"

    And then he left. We TPed the lady that called the cops on us house later that night when we where durnk as fuck ahhaha
  2. Thats the only cop that i dont dedicate my sig to :hello:
  3. ya man. house owner was only 18 and the cop knew he was wasted and didnt even care.
  4. Although that was very, very nice and lenient of the cop, you, after having NEARLY got busted by the 5-0, TP the reporting caller's house?


    You almost just completely spent your good graces with your local PD by doing that.
    Cops in general, when they let someone go easy like that, will WAIT to see if you just go out right after, and do more dumb shit. you got lucky, because it's not like they wouldn't have TOTALLY known who TP'd the house.

    Be more careful next time, and you might avoid getting fucked righteous for petty shit like that.
  5. Coolest cop ever?

    Sounds like a normal cop in my town.
  6. hah, lucky you. Unfortunately, not all of us enjoy those amenities.
  7. Damn cool cop, i would have gotten the lady back like a weed after though

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