Coolest bro ever?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kamishi no Yari, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Friend of my girlfriend stops by, just came through town. Been outta weed for a week; only connect lives 60 miles away - a 45 minute drive. Pain on the gas tank and wallet.

    Mention this to said friend, and he busts out a solid, fat nug of some no name fire. Sticky as all hell, smelled almost fruity. Smiles and tells me to keep it for me and the girl.

    So thanks to this badass, I get hella stoned tonight. Planning on paying it forward soon as I have some excess on me. Super good night. :)

    /end story. Ever been given free weed when in need? Let's hear bout it. *hits bong*

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  2. He fucked her.
  3. lmao

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    right in da pu$$y
  5. First ones free
  6. I've seen this before OP, and each time it ends in an orgy
  7. didn't this thread already happen? a bunch of people tell you he fucked her..

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