Coolest bro ever?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kamishi no Yari, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Friend of my girlfriend stops by, just came through town. Been outta weed for a week; only connect lives 60 miles away - a 45 minute drive. Pain on the gas tank and wallet.

    Mention this to said friend, and he busts out a solid, fat nug of some no name fire. Sticky as all hell, smelled almost fruity. Smiles and tells me to keep it for me and the girl.

    So thanks to this badass, I get hella stoned tonight. Planning on paying it forward soon as I have some excess on me. Super good night. :)

    /end story. Ever been given free weed when in need? Let's hear bout it. *hits bong*

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  2. He fucked her.
  3. As ironic as that would be, we've all been chilling as a group since he arrived. Hahaha.

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    Good job keeping tabs on him.
  5. Yes i have had weed given to me and i have given weed to others. It's a social medicine. It brings us together.
    One love, one light, let's get together and feel alright!
  6. Thats what I was thinking... sorry OP.
  7. Damn, lotta people had hearts broken up in here for sure. How about the good vibes, hey?

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  8. I like your profile pic :b

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  9. Man, almost nobody here in socal will smoke you out unless you fucking do something in return.  These dispensaries turned our potheads into snobby little brats. :laughing:

      They wonder why they're low on money when they fall for marketing gimmicks like renaming a common strain and putting it on the top shelf, despite it being crap.  
  10. for real. why would I give weed to a girl I already had sex with?

    lol jk he sounds like a credit to the stoner community. There are some real ones out there!
  11. Lol beat me to it. I would for sure give a chicks bf i was bangin a free nug its the least I can do.
  12. He lives outta town people, has a girl of his own. Plus my girls too classy to be sleeping around. ;)

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  13. Its cool if hes not bangin your girl. Cant blame people fir asuming. Its human nature. Without it, how else would we catch these "loyal" ass hoes
  14. Yeah he feels bad for banging your girl.
  15. He CLEARLY doesnt give a fuck about the "banged your girlfriend" joke. I dont mean to be salty but jeez, originality plz

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    I did that to a guy I vaguely knew from high school once because he didn't have anymore weed. Gave him a nug, it was atleast one big fat joint (or 2 skinny but acceptable joints) although I was pretty low on weed myself. A week later he returns the favor, got like half a joint, didnt even get me stoned.. Geez I'd almost give the weed back in double if people let me 'lend' a nug. Cheapass dick
  17. Yeah I fucked your girl sooooo... here's some weed hahaha

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  18. Where about you from? Camarillo/Ventura here living up north now!
  19. not true at all. which socal have you been living in? probably not the one i was born and raised in
  20. Clearly everyone else thinks the same thing. Go hit a bowl and come back to the forums happy

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