Coolest Bowel Ever

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  1. Ok
    Not my bowel / Wish it was
    Just a random pic I found

    Normally I don't go for stuff like this / At least not many more
    Just give me a 12in straight glass & I B Happy
    But this thing is Awesome / Has to be one of the coolest I've ever seen
    Love the idea

    Couldn't find any other pics of anything else like it

    By any chance does anyone know who the blower is or of the/any company(s) that sell anything like it

    Enjoy & Stay Safe {i.e. Out Of Jail}

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  2. :smoke:That's awesome
  3. hahaha i was totally expecting somones bowels to be pictured here... but cool bong man
  4. nice bowel man

  5. It probably smells terrible

  6. Why???
  7. Haha - he said "bowel".

  8. AHAHAHHA!! - sorry for the double post!

    Not your bowel, OP? Then who's bowels do you have?

    Edit - that shit IS fucking cool, though, OP. :)
    Dam I laughed so hard it killed my buzz

    Now I get the "It probably smells terrible" comment

    But I Do Have One Question~
    Why Did You Want To See The "Coolest Bowel Ever"???
  10. Let me clear this up because I don't think OP is getting it 100%

    It's spelled B-O-W-L.

    Sick bowl though. :bongin:
  11. WTF.. is this like the stumbleupon image of the day for stoners? this bowl has gotten 2 threads today that i've seen

  12. I Got It.....

  13. Post link please...

    PS~ I saw it on 4chan
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    That is sick!..Im wondering if its china, just curious. Whats that blue ring on the bowl, glass or a grommet
  15. [quote name='"weirdguy007"']hahaha i was totally expecting somones bowels to be pictured here... but cool bong man[/quote]

    Hahaha first thing i thought of too!
  16. I reblogged this on tumblr like yesterday hahah now its on here

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