Cooles thing that has ever happened to me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BigCrimp, May 13, 2011.

  1. Ran into a skunk while I was flying with some friends, we named him Fred :) he was so cute I wanted to pet him but then I remembered he might have rabies.....
    Rabies no son buenos :(

    Ps I miss Fred :,(
  2. In the words of Curtis Mayfield , Fred is Dead ?
  3. you my friend lead a sad life if thats the coolest thing that ever happened to you.:rolleyes:
  4. dude, he met a skunk named fred.
  5. no, prior to this his name could of been Walter or Charlie, those are more skunk like names
  6. Fred's dead baby, Fred's dead.
  7. Not to mention that if you had gotten anywhere near him, you'd be smelling like Fred for the next week.
  8. worst thread on GC.
  9. why the hell were you paling around with a skunk...?
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    Have you seen Fred? He's uber cute...

    I need to lay off the grass -_-

    Worst than the troll threads? Now that's just a mean thing to say.....
  11. I smell like Fred from this bowl of shipwreck I just smoked.
  12. Baby skunks are cute.
  13. you noobs do know its possible to own a pet skunk, they get "De-skunked"(LOL) shorty after birth, and also declawed
    they are sick pets better then fucking cats..
  14. my mom thot i ran over a skunk when she borrowed my car last night :laughing:

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