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  1. Today I was wondering about mainstream music (Sitting, waiting for food, bored) and realized that I have no clue whatsoever as what is considered cool to listen to especially when it gets to rock. So out of mere curiosity, what the hell is cool music nowadays?
  2. Honestly it's a bunch of shit. I don't even bother with mainstream much anymore.
  3. lil wayne, cassidy, coldplay, red hot chilli peppers, jay z, the beatles, 2pac, biggie.

    off the top of my head.
  4. I am forced against my will to listen to the radio at work. There's nothing worse than getting a Beegees song in your head.

    Pop music is bad. Very bad.

    Modern pop music is just bad. Radio hits are nothing more than a product to be sold to mindless drone... Pop music has no "edge" to it, no movement of thought.

    It's kind of sad to think that pop music is what the majority of the world sees as "art" written and performed by "artists".:mad:

    Do I sound bitter? Fucking radio ruined my life!

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