Cool White or Amber lights?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DElliott1984, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. Hello, Im new to this site and a new grower. I got a question about the color of flourescent lights I should use. Now, on my plant, I am not using flouro lights because of my limited space, but for future reference, should I go with the cool white lights or a more amber colored light? On my plant (2 months old, 2.5 ft tall) Ive been using those light bulbs that are supposed to last 5 years and 1 of them is amber and the other is the cool-white type and the buds seem to be doing fine with both. Does the color really matter?

    One more question: my plant started developing its buds 2 weeks ago. How much longer do you guys think it will take for it to fully mature? I figured by the end of Feb, but i just wanted to ask some veteran growers what the average lenght of time is. Thanks.
  2. On the two lamps you mentioned....not much difference.
    Get yourself some GE #F40PL/AQ Plant and Aquarium lamps for each fixture you have (they are not very expensive). These are "wide spectrum lamps". Each individual lamp is 40 watts.
    They're not as good as Halide or Sodium ,but they're cheaper ,and don't get as hot ,hence reducing the ventilation reguired to keep humidity down . A CO2 generator would be a nice touch in an inclosed space ,but not required if you can get some type of air exchange to them.
    Hope this helps :D
  3. yeah, the CO2 system would be great, but I still live at home with my parents. However, i'm 18 in 3 weeks and I'm gonna be looking around for a place and I've already decided to have 1 dedicated growing room and a smoking room in my attic. That is, if i can afford a house.
    I still have to devise a ventilation system so my room wont start reeking of weed. I grow it in the corner of my closet. There is a window nearby, but that would mean i would have to keep 1 of my closet doors open which blows my cover. I dont know how i'm gonna work around it; i havent thought that far ahead yet, i just want the weed.

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