Cool Weekend (Kind of Long)

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  1. So, it's Friday and I don't know what I'm going to do, and my friend calls me and is like, "Do you want to buy some shrooms?"
    Straight away I'm just like, "Hell yeah!"
    Skip later, I've eaten the shrooms at my friend's house in what we call the ghetto (it's the safest ghetto I've ever heard of, since in my town you're more likely to be struck by lightning than killed violently) and the shrooms are starting to kick in.
    So I go outside and start playing because shrooms make me feel like a kid again and I just like to go crazy on it.
    I'm out running around with my friend babysitting me (he didn't take any) to make sure I don't get into trouble somehow.
    Skip later.
    One of my other friends gives me a ride around town and takes us to the shopping center plaza.
    I go in Books-a-Million because I love to read. When we get inside I end up reading the Kama Sutra.
    After going through a lot of positions I start looking around. Everything's infatuating me and I feel like I'm in a playground for me.
    I find a nice trip toy (a stretchy green rubbery thing with hairs on it) and start playing with it because it's amazing.
    I remember thinking how long the greeting card isle was,
    Then we go outside and I accidentally walk out the door with my trip toy, and when I realize I have it I'm like, "I don't want to steal!" And run and put it back in.
    Then we just walk around the plaza, during which I admire the bushes and the extremely long walkway.
    Then we decide to go see my other friend (not the one from earlier, he's with us, a totally new one).
    We get there and no one's there, so sit out there for a little thinking they just went to the beer store (my county is a dry county so you have to drive for about 30 minutes to get alcohol legally).
    My friend's are sitting on the porch, and I'm digging through bushes and find all the random stuff that's been tossed in there.
    Then as I'm walking I see the run down apartment next door to my friend's.
    So I go in and start running around, go in each room and have some fun in it.
    Then after a while we go home as I'm starting to come down (my friend's never showed back up at the apartment).

    Next Day.
    The next day we go to my friend's apartment, and they're looking for shrooms.
    The dealer they were talking to was going to charge them double what we payed, so we hooked them up with ours. So they buy me some too.
    When they kick in I don't start tripping this time, I just get a good body high and feel really mellow. But, one of my friends is tripping really hard, so I help make her trip better by showing her all kinds of fun, simple things to do with trip toys.
    Then we're outside blazing, and a cop drives by with his lights on, but doesn't notice us, so we keep partying.
    The night goes on, the girl keeps tripping hard, I stay mellowed out, and a lot of people show up and there ends up being a party, with about six people tripping.
    After I sober up completely my friend and I head out, I crash at his house because I don't feel like driving 20 minutes to my house.

    That was my weekend, I liked it. My town's been so dry lately that I felt like it was especially good, not mention I love tripping.
  2. wow that's wierd, my friend also asked if I wanted to buy shrooms on friday. unfortunately I had to pass:mad:

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