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Cool Weed Games - suggestions

Discussion in 'General' started by andyhuff, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. What and where are the best weed computer games on the internet?

    I found this free one www.virtualspliff.com.au which I found pretty funny.... you blow into your computer microphone for as long as possible to smoke out the room you are in. Yeah you need you computer mic turned on. You can play it online so you don't have to download it...that helps :)
  2. lol dont put the http.
  3. Do you have any game suggestions or are you just going to hassle me all night???

  4. How is this spam? He is giving the community a stoner game to play. He is also asking for suggestions which spammers don't do.

    Welcome to the community man:wave:
  5. I gotta agree.

    There's HighGrow. Virtual growing of weed. Google it and you'll find it.
  6. Thanks buddy! A welcome well received...I was wondering what type of high-brow forum this was. :hello:

  7. i was looking for weed games last night. I remember this flash game that was weed related. It was kinda like an escape game where you had to find the right things and do the right things to make it work. I really wanna find it.
  8. Wow! Someone has put a lot of work into HighGrow...pretty cool. More on the serious side but still cool.

  9. oops... realised I had my original link wrong... have fixed it now.

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