Cool weed baggie designs you've encountered?

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  1. I searched for a topic like this, but couldn't find one surprisingly.

    Generally, dealers will purchase decorated baggies so as to "mark their territory" and expand the appeal of purchasing the product. What are some cool bag designs you've gotten?

    One I got today is an awesome black scorpion, it was perfect because my birthday just recently passed (I'm a scorpio) and it felt like God was trying to tell me something. Something along the line of "keep smoking."

    -Generic pot leaf
    -Teddy Bear
    -Alien head
    -Louis Vuitton logo
    -Hershey's Kisses
    -Dollar signs
    -Batman logo
    -Blue dolphins
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    Good sense

    Bomb pattern
    Yin & Yang pattern
    8-Ball Pattern
  3. spider man head
  4. I have a playboy one
  5. I've had

    Triple X pattern

    And 98% of the other times it's plain or generic weed leaf unfortunately
  6. my dude put it in a disney cinderella sandwich bag
  7. basketballs lol
    naked girls
  8. Oh yeah, I've totally gotten an 8-ball too at one point. East coast here.

    I'm pretty sure I had basketballs too. I wasn't a fan of it, the design looked kind of bleh. Oh god, these designs are like Pokemon cards for stoners!

    (Not that Pokemon isn't good for stoners as is.)
  9. One guy of mine puts it in sandwich bags with 1,2, or 3 stars depending on strain/strength
  10. a small double seal one that said "Weed Bag" in green letters.
  11. the alien one is classic

  12. I think we're buying from the same guy hahah.
  13. Weirdest bag Ive gotten had swirls of poop on them as the design,I cant find it online though.
  14. holiday themed ones, owls, aliens,monsters, zombies, batmans, etc.

  15. Are you sure it wasn't a Hershey's Kiss? :p
  16. Haha I've had those too, I was like are those shits
  17. My guy used to put it in the plastic off the bottom of a cig box of i didn't bring my own fucking bag

  18. Could be,although I'm pretty sure there were little stink lines haha
  19. I never get any of these designs wtf lol
  20. looool I cant stop laughing :D

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