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  1. For the life of me can anyone suggest, or tell me where, I can find a glass "Bake-a-Round" tube with a minimum diameter of 125mm, or basically the diameter of a 400w Metal halide bulb. I cant find it on ebay only cool tubes already assembled and over priced. I dont trust ebay, and cant find it in any local stores. Any suggestions?
  2. I had to do 250 hours of community service at a local resale shop and they had a ton of hurricane glass I snagged 4 of them as a matter of fact, try a resale shop or thrift store or maybe like a linens n' things.
  3. Ive looked on ebay and nothing has the diameter thick enough for metal halide. All of those are either 3 5/8" in diameter or not stated at all.
  4. Ahh, you must have one of the bubble like bulbs. The 400 watt MH's I have fit in them fine. Sounds like that hurricane glass option may be it unless you can ask a local glass shop.

    Peace, good luck - OGH
  5. try they sell cheap cool tubes plus tons of links

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