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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by oryalse, May 27, 2017.

  1. Should the glass on my 600 watt cool tube be hot to the touch?or am I not extracting enough hot air from it?
  2. how are the temps in your grow room? are you sucking through a filter > fan > light > exhaust? depending on your grow area size, cause you'd always like to have good air exchange, and ambient temps id guess around 400cfm could work. you can always get a variable switch for it and turn it down if need be.
  3. I have a 6 inch exaust system for the tent. And a 6 inch booster fan setup just for the cool tube temps are fine in the tent just the glass on the cool tube is very hot to the touch worried of it cracking.
  4. Should I be able to hold my hand on the glass of the cool tube without it being hot as fuck?
  5. The booster fan for the cool tube does 200 cfm... remember it's just exausting for the cool tube.
  6. Any help appreciated
  7. It's a 3x3 tent with 6 inch inline fan and filter for extraction and a 4 inch inline fan for intake... now I upgraded from 400w to 600w and decided to get a cool tube so I hooked it up with a 6 inch booster fan soley for cooling the tube... temps are fine in the tent just the glass of the cool tube is hot as fuck to the touch I'm wondering if that's normal or is it not and risk cracking the cool tube?
  8. I can hold my hand on my tubes. I run carbon filter> 6inch inline > 3 cool tubes > 8inch inline> exhuast. Even on the 3rd tube i can hold my hand to it.

    Im not saying yours is bad... I would be more consided with room temp maybe the fan your using isnt stong enough. I would get an inline vs a booster. 6 inch booster is ~240cfm an inline is ~440cfm.

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