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  1. Ive been planning my grow room for quite some time and have decided to switch from reflector hoods to cool tubes, but I have a few questions:

    1) DIY vs Buy: I will be running 600w hps's and mh's. Im not particularly handy when it comes to diy's and Im concerned with the quality of a diy (especially in regards to the glass)

    2) If I buy one: Could someone point me to a good site/good tube keeping in mind Ill be running 600w in a 4x4x8 room. (Im assuming Ill want a 6" diameter?)

    3) If I build one: Could someone point me to a good guide. Ive found several but they all accommodate smaller bulbs and many suggest plastic (um, no) or a pyrex bake a round (which would be too narrow for my bulbs. I think?)

    Peace :bongin:
  2. Well I was gonna go with a reflector; something like
    this but Ive seen nothing but good things about cool tubes. And I know rumple and others use it with great success in small areas.

    Should I go back to the reflector? (I already have ballasts, bulbs, cords, etc. picked out. So I dont need a package deal just the tube)
  3. Cooltube Reflector Air Cooled 6" 8" Grow Light Cool Tube Glass Hood | eBay

    The cool tube will make a difference if you ever have problems with heat in your tent. I run mine with my carbon filter and inline fan. Works perfect...

    If you haven't bought the rest of your gear, you might look at some combo packs that are on fleabay. That seems to be the cheapest way to go...
  4. ^ Ah thats perfect thanks! For some reason my search for cooltubes was far less successful :confused_2: ...sorry to make you guys do my work

    Peace :bongin:
  5. Big Guru: if you're all thumbs like me you might want to look at a rack of T-5 fluorescent lamps. Start out with 5,000 to 6,500K grow lights from seed sprouting though vegging and then switch the tubes to 2,700 or 2,800K's for flowering. The run cheap, they burn cool so you can hang them real close to your plants without frying them and they're usually a neater installation with only one power cord to deal with. If you do elect to go with T-5's just make sure the fixture you buy is big enough to completely cover your entire grow. I hope that helps. Hank
  6. hey thanks for recomending that light i saw u recomend the 400 watt in another thread and i bought it. couldnt be happier the things awesome and a crazy good price. thanks!!
  7. Hey, Hank. I appreciate the help. I will however be running HID lights and not CFL's/T-5's. Still this is good accurate info, any guests/members should consider this in certain circumstances.

    Always good to get feedback like this. I still might go with a reflector...mainly because I dont think heat will be an issue, but like I said thanks for sharing experiences in here!
  8. A good diy glass tube for bigger bulbs is a hurricane lamp globe. Sandwich it between two duct reducers/collars, and use a open piece of round 4" ducting for a reflector. I did this exact thing for my 600 and it works like a beaut. Under 20 bucks too.
  9. Ehhh just did a quick google search. Seems its got a bulbous shape...I feel that would be terrible for light dispersal, and may also cause hot/cool spots (on the glass, but also on the plant). Also one should avoid reducers if possible (creates drag). I hardly qualify to shell out advice but it seems a legit cooltube or a pyrex bake a round would be a better option.

    If I stumbled across the wrong thing please correct me.
  10. It may not be a perfect solution, it may not be as pretty but for 20 buck I like it. I made one of these years ago an am running it to this current day. Never let me down, glass never broke, never had a problem with hot/cool spots either, have made several for others too. But then again to each their own.
  11. Ill gladly concede cost efficiency. Which admittedly can be the deciding factor quite frequently...damn the almighty dollar.

    Peace :smoke:

    edit: ehhh though the bake a round is cheaper than I remembered. It should also be heavily considered when looking for cost efficient options
  12. I have two of these too, lol. They housed my 400. Diameter was too small for the 600 mh bulb unfortunately.

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