Cool things you've done in Lucid Dreams?

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  1. I want more ideas. Cause I have them all the time but I don't really have anything cool to do in mind so I just revert back to the basic flying and super strength.

    Some things I've done; Fly, Super Strength, Talked to friends (Like not actually with them), Teleported through a mirror to the gym(just jump through a mirror, it's awesome) , Darced a kid, Ate some shit and raped people.

    Kinda a lame list. I'm sure there is more but I've done it so many times I can't remember everything.

    Some things I've failed at Numerous times; Stop time, and become magnetic and levitate.

    So, just tell me what you've done in your dreams. Or anything you think would be cool to do. :D
  2. I think my favorite thing was I turned my hands into the floor.

    I didn't just make my hands become a part of the floor but I made my hands the entirety of the floor and I made the entirety of the floor my hands.

    I was trying to do something completely impossible.
  3. Instant teleportation.

    Like, you think of a place, and you are there.
  4. lol, OPer, no worries. I use to have lucid dreams of myself dunking a basketball (which is impossible outside of the dream :p)

    My lucid dreams have been very frequent as of the past few months. I remember one where I had the same effects as if I were meditating. I literally felt like I was the universe, and I could influence all living things that I allowed to live. Probably one of the most epic dreams I have had. When I woke up, it literally felt like I had been sleeping for YEARS. I could barely remember where I was or who I was.

    A lot of my dreams are sitting down with people of the past. One time I sat down with Hitler and apparently his reason for exterminating the Jews was because of their strong belief in the Hebrew Bible (weird i know) lol

    But ya teleporting is a pretty common one as well.
  5. i really enjoyed riding this sick little lawnmower all around my town, eventually crashing it and then eating dinner with my family.
  6. Lol thats an interesting use of an LD
  7. I had this sick dream about zombies one time, I pretty much barricaded up my house, got multiple weapons with infinite amounts of ammo, went out and played dream world Resident Evil till shit got hectic..
  8. this. I've also ripped trees out of the ground, and once when I was chased by these two G-Men like dudes in my dream I realized I was dreaming, tapped my forehead in the dream a couple of times and woke up.
  9. Last night I had a strange dream... it was like lucid living in a dream...

    Me and a friend were in Africa, I guess Sierra Leone because somehow I knew that little kid from Blood Diamond. For some reason he was still in that RUF gang, but he was a little older. We were in some abandoned parking lot with his gang and they all had AKs. I was talking to him, meeting his crew not really caring about how dangerous these guys might be.

    The leader of the crew came over and said something to the kid in another language. Then, they decided to line the three of us up with another kid. I thought that this was not good. He made us do weird stuff like look left then right, I guess to see who would obey.

    But then I started floating... like hovering above the ground a couple inches. For some reason, this feeling was quite familiar though I do not remember floating in any other dreams. I reached my toes down to make it look like I wasn't floating. Then, this kid pointing a gun at me asked, "Are you going to stop doing that?" I just shrugged because I couldn't really control it. I thought about just flying off... I knew I could do it, but I couldn't abandon my friends.

    They told us to get on our knees with our hands behind our backs. They picked me out and told me to lean forward... I had my forehead on the ground like a Muslim praying to Mecca. I was smiling, I could feel the warmth of the African sun and the realness of the concrete my forehead was resting on. I felt the kid put the cool barrel of the gun at the back of my head. I just laughed and said, "God is great."

    I guess he pulled the trigger, I was dead... but I was still right there, perfectly aware. I thought about how easily I could have killed them all... you know since I just got killed but was still alive... but I just woke-up.

    I saw this video with this Pastor talking about how God sent Hitler...

    Supposedly, in the Old Testament, there is a story about how the Israelites will get spread out over the land after being driven out of Israel. Then, God sends a great hunter (Hitler) to try and kill and destroy all the Jews. The hunter will be defeated and the result of the conflict will be a reunited Israel with all the Jews sent back to the Holy Land.

    Not sure what book that's from, or if it's in the OT at all... just some video I saw on YouTube about it. :eek:
  10. interesting, my dream didnt involve God sending Hitler though :rolleyes:
  11. Fatty BLunt, Man, I love it when my Ld's last for long ass times. I heard you can stop time and It will last much longer.
    And I 've tried a bunch and never got it to work.
    And last time I tried, I got a bunch of my friends to stop time with me but as soon as we started I woke up.
    Some of these are pretty cool. I really like hearing other peoples dreams.
  12. last night i found out about lucid dreaming and actually experienced it. all i remember is that i was jumping and flying really high. but i always had a limit to hight or length, so it was like hopping and landing a few hundred feet away. that lasted for some time and then i couldnt land in a open area and landed into a fenced in area with barb wire that electrocute. i tried to escape and didnt know what to do and woke up.

    im getting really interested in lucid dreaming now tho, i feel like i need to explore it a bit longer and ill prob have a lot of fun with it
  13. Man, lucid dreams are the shit. I fucking love them. It's like drugs. but better.

    And I've done that hopping thing you were talking about. Except I was just hopping like 20 or 30 feet instead. Next time I'll try farther.
  14. Your limited by your preconceived notions about reality in LDs. Most people can't truly fathom flying above the upper limits of the sky because they have never been there. During the day you can try imagining yourself in vivid detail doing things and going to places that you couldn't do in the dream you had the night before and it will help prepare you for the impossible next time..

    I once commanded that each dreamtime-minute would feel like an hour. I made sure that I could envision that before I went to bed so my mind wouldn't have a problem creating it. It worked pretty well. While my LD usually felt like they lasted 2-5 minutes this one felt like it lasted fifteen minutes.
  15. Shooting Tom Brady must be on the top of the list.
  16. Being an alien, then having sex with other aliens. (what?) yea. not much to say.
  17. i guess Im still a beginner at the lucid thing. Ive just been able to buy weed from a gnome that lives under my oak tree in the backyard. anything else, i get overwhelmed and wake up. lol

    any tips?
  18. Ask the gnome to smoke a fat blunt with you.

    Then get to known him.
  19. Holy Jesus Christ. I had the coolest Lucid dream last night. And not only that, I had three of them in a row. I woke up three times and went right back into an LD. And it was the longest lucid dreams of my life. I've written down some things I want to accomplish in my Lucid Dreams and now I get to cross a bunch of things off.
    One thing I remember is being on this semi colorful path and finding pennies on heads. The first one I found was from 1890. And this one guy from School I know was there. Which I later realized that I could have convinced him he was dreaming and been able to actually talk to someone in a dream. :\ That part wasn't that cool. lol
    One of the things I wrote down was talk to dad and ask him the secret to life. lol He's a really smart guy and I figured he would know if any one does. So I was in my living room spinning in circles and getting dizzy and I decided to go ask him.
    So I was like "dad what's the secret to life?" His reply;
    "Live life, look good and be sticky like Elmer." lmao I'm gonna elaborate that Elmer was his Grandfather who was a really intelligent and wealthy guy. By be sticky like elmer I assume he meant become wealthy. Although, I came home home from school today and read this part (I wrote my dream down) and remembered playing with Elmers glue today. (First time in a long time, dont judge me) He might have been talking about Elmers glue, I have no fucking idea. So I'm not really sure, I'll have to think on it. haha
    He also said that He wanted to have something while he is here.
    Before that I met my spirit guide. (Another check mark on my list)
    I was in this park like thing with my sis and I saw a gray cat and was like are you my spirit guide? And it said no, and hinted that it was my sisters spirit guide, then it grew angel wings and flew off. Then there was this black dog that looked like my sisters dog named "Stinky". I asked it if it was in fact stinky and he said no. Then I asked if it was my spirit guide and he just said "Yup." Then I woke up.
    Then me and dad were gonna go drive around in my crown vic and I was like dad look at me, and when he did I turned it into a porshe. We went driving around (I couldnt drive for shit though) and then I turned it into a Lambo.
    Then I was gonna try to go to the spirit world by jumping threw a window, but I just jumped through it and hit the ground.
    And at one point I looked at the night sky and there was just random letters from the alphabet floating around.
    Man, so much more happened but I couldn't remember all of it.
  20. The best thing you can do to help LDs become more frequent is to have a dream journal. Just write down whatever you can remember right after waking up. Try not to think of anything else, as this might make you forget it forever.

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