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  1. I was in the car driving home with my iPod in my ears and I looked at the time. 4:20. Immediately Logic - we get high started playing. Funniest shit ever.
  2. off the top of my head all I can remember is finding a stash can on the side of the road. Had a rolled joint and about 0.5gs worth of shake.

    That was before I smoked and I gave it all to my sister. What a score I never got to enjoy.
  3. i always wonder why people drive with ear phones in. you can t hear whats going on around you, and i feel like it would distract you, getting too into the music and not focusing on the road.
  4. Dave Mustaine waved to me during a Megadeth show.

    Also at an Avenged Sevenfold show at the same place, I almost caught the drummers drumstick but it slipped out of my hands. It's hard to catch tiny things when there's 10 other people grabbing for it and stage lights in your eyes. Anyways it rolled down the aisle and some fat bitch grabbed it. Felt jipped because me and my friend were the only ones in our section who were actually participating in the concert experience.
  5. nothing cool has happened to me recently. I have shit luck, so if something out of my power happens, it's usually bad.

    When I was ten I found a 20 dollar bill on the ground, I guess that's about it.
  6. Random guy shouted me a few beers and a burger after i helped him pick up his groceries that got knocked out of his hands, He could barely speak English but it was pretty cool.
  7. I once jizzed red stuff, it hurt
  8. Weed gods smiled at me yesterday when I ran dry and my stash was refilled :D
  9. Back before I had a job I was out of cash for the month and I was pretty bummed . For some reason I was looking in my drawers and I found an old Jaws DVD case and inside was $25. Immediately bought some dank and tried to remember when I put the money in there.
  10. [quote name='"greenghoul"']nothing cool has happened to me recently. I have shit luck, so if something out of my power happens, it's usually bad.

    When I was ten I found a 20 dollar bill on the ground, I guess that's about it.[/quote]

    I know what you mean haha. I found a 20 on the stairs at school a few years ago then lost it again the same day.

    I guess the coolest one for me, especially cause i was younger, was being couched by marc crawford in hockey back when he was coaching the canucks
  11. About a year ago when I was 17 I told my parents that I was staying at my friends house and we were gonna blaze all day and all night so I get a ride down a couple towns over (I didn't have a car at the time) and we meet up at this park and smoke. After a while he was like hold on I gotta go to my house for something. So I just hangout at this park for awhile when he calls me saying that he got busted by his mom. So I start making calls and I can't find a ride or anywhere to stay. when out of the blue I get a call from this guy I haven't seen out talked to in years and he's like yo me and my friend will smoke you up if your not doing anything and you can stay at our house if you want. I was so pumped and we smoked out of those crazy bong with some of the dankest shit I've smoked at the time. And we just watched crazy movies all night.
  12. [quote name='"Goochpooch"']I once jizzed red stuff, it hurt[/quote]

    That's not COOL. That's gross, really gross.

  13. It's illegal to do anyways, and a bad idea anyways. Not being able to hear cars honking or coming up to you can get people killed.
  14. i got a $5 gift card for taking a survey at the mall, and used it to buy the tea that i was going to buy anyway.
    saving money is cool.
  15. Being born was pretty cool.
  16. I once saw a live hen.
  17. Idk why I think this is cool but when I took AP Chemistry my senior year of high school I wasn't really good at it, one day before a test (my lunch was 5-6th period and chem was 7th) I got hella high before the test, went in, did alright on the test, than after the test he had a problem that nobody in the class knew how to solve because it was completely new material, I somehow did the problem 100% backward and found a second working formula for that type of problem that worked for all acid base etc solutions. He didn't believe I did it on my own and made my high ass explain it in front of the class but I was right
  18. A good while back, think I was 16 at the time, I was walking home from my friend's house after getting very, very baked. I was maybe a mile from my house when some people spotted me and pulled over in their car to talk to me.. it was a guy and a lady, probably 20 years old at the most, with giant cameras in their hands. I feel I should mention that my hair was black, turqoise, pink and purple, with feathers in a braid and a damned Axl Rose bandana on my head. I had a denim vest with an institutionalized skeleton on the back, a shirt of a local metal band and big puffy white basketball shoes with the dumbest grin on my face. I was stoned as shit and didn't have my natural phobia of people, so I let them take a few photos of me. They were stoked that I said yes and they gave me a business card with their college website to see the photos they took of me.They actually published it! so my baked 16 year old self has been in an art gallery, I think that's pretty dern cool.

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