Cool Temps, No Light Leaks, Yet Still Getting Spotty Root Rot?

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    Im using a rumpeforeskin's bubble bucket, the one with the clear indicator tube on the side (meaning that light does hit a small bit of solution in the indicator tube, from my research on rumpleforeskins buckets, this is a non-issue?).  Using dark grey light proof 5 gal Lowe's bucket. 
    Temps of reservoir are 67* - 69.5*F
    Temps of air are the same
    Using Lucas Formula @ 75% strength
    pH slowly rising steadily a little less than .1 a day....... pH currently at 5.45 (i am going to let it naturally fluctuate from 5.2 to 6.1).... I believe this is a safe, normal fluctuation.
    Using a rena 400 air pump with 400 liter/hour, with a round 4 inch airstone
    No pests/bugs to be seen
    I am getting splotchy bits and spots of a light brownish color on my roots.  It seems to be uneven, some splotchy brown spots here, some there. (so I dont think it is the nutes that are staining them, otherwise it'd be a uniform tan-brown color)....
      Using RO water. The solution does not smell repulsive, it just has a small earthy-nutey smell, it does not smell what I think "root rot" would smell like. Hard to explain the smell for me. Neither pleasant nor unpleasant smell.
    The solution is clear, but it has a small amount of stuff floating in it (i believe its just dust/dirt from me and the environment, or perhaps it is elements that have precipitated out of solution? I do add some ph up/ph down as necessary)..... My environment is not a 100% sterile spotless clean as a bean labroatory....Its not a nasty dumpster either though, I doubt that a little bit of miscellaneous dust/debris would do something like this.... Could it?
    I need some advice on this fellow blades. This is my second DWC grow, first one was in a rubbermaid tub and it was a pain in the ass.
    So what could cause this? It looks to be almost the beginning of root rot, but I am definitely not positive on that....The roots do not feel slimey. And the inside of the buckets walls also do not feel slimey.
    My growth seems to be slowing down I think... So if it keeps this up I will be dumping the solution, cleaning the bucket with bleach, and adding new fresh solution.
    Please help! desperately need some experienced help

  2. Could possibly be lack of oxygen, how big is your air pump, did you cover the top of your lid, and are you using clear or black airlines. If you're using clear get black. Clear sometimes acts like a fiber optic cable and can allow light thru. Try using some food grade h2o2 that will help with oxygen levels. Hope this helps.

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    cover the sight tube... so that you can still check it if need be, but stop allowing light to reach the water in the tube...  i found things got better after that
  4. Root rot can also occur if the water is not properly aerated. Check the frequency and length of watering cycles.

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