Cool strain names?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Crispined, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Hillary’s Taint ?? Same thing.
  2. More like Donald's Taint
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  3. Hiroshima Blackout
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  4. I want to create one called Ivory like in the movie how high
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  5. Cross a laughing Buddha X northern lights call it lights out Larry (lol)..
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    Mellow Yellow Moon, Gas Tank, Funky Fire

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  7. I’ve always loved the name “White Rhino”

    “Flo” sounds clean and also fits the strain I think

    “Maui Wowie” has got to be on my list

    we had a house strain floating around for years and years that we referred to as “Quest”.
    the genetics passed away with the breeder.
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  8. This year I wanna get nutty with the names. So far this post turned into its own monster lol, but seriously I need at least 7 names for 3 Indicas, and 4 sativas. I put this in your guys and girls’ hands. Help me out with some really nutty names.
  9. needle dick
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  10. Magillas’ Killa’
    Interstellar Overdrive
    Amish LSD (same strain as last year)
    -These are just ones that I have been developing for a while now. But I still need at least 3 more ORIGINAL names I can use for the other Indica plants I have. They are my own strains that I developed with my dad for a few years now, but we never really have specific names to them lol. Totally a stoner move.
  11. Skookum Kush.

    Skookum is a strange word. It's a regional word to the NW US. It's also used often in Alaska when you first move here and hear it you shake you head a little but it makes sense.

    When something is Skookum it's well built, tied up and done.

    Never heard it used in the Cannabis industry but it fits especially if you have any roots to the NW native people.
    Skookum - Wikipedia

    Skookum is a Chinook Jargon word that has historical use in the Pacific Northwest. It has a range of meanings, commonly associated with an English translation of "strong" or "monstrous". The word can mean "strong",[1] "greatest", "powerful", "ultimate", or "brave". Something can be skookum, meaning "strong" or "monstrously significant". When used in reference to another person, e.g., "he's skookum", it conveys connotations of reliability or a monstrous nature, as well as strength, size or hard-working.

    Around here sometimes people will describe the way something is built like a house, deck, or boat as "Skookum". It basically means it's built to last like a brick shithouse. Glued, screwed, and tattooed.

    I always wanted to incorporated the word into a company name. I had a friend that had a company called Skookum hardwood floors.
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  12. Indica names?

    How about "Khar Kush?" "Khar" is the persian word for 'donkey' with the same connotation as in the west: it refers to the animal and also to foolish, obstinate or silly people.

    Dogfarts is taken. Saw seeds of it for sale up in Mendocino county a few weeks back. Not surprisingly, the seeds were cheap!... and had been discounted a couple of times. lol

    If you end up with an indica that just totally puts you to sleep, "Pilgrim's Progress" would be fitting. The book by the same name has been voted one of the most boring pieces of classic literature, a real snorer!

    "Tor" -- because it's an Indica, Tor is an indicator of an Indica -- Tor!
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  13. Death star is a badass name
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  14. HUBBABUBBASMELLOSCOPE from Mephisto Geneyics is a really nutty name to me......I HATE IT......but its nutty
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  15. Pilgrims progress! That’s awesome
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