Cool strain names?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Crispined, Jul 17, 2018.

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    For some reason, the name of the strain that I’m smoking influences the high. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true.
    So naturally, strains that have really badass names get me super baked. So I invite you guys to share some really cool strain names. They don’t have to even be real, just share some cool ass name for a strain that sounds cool. I don’t know if I am typing this right I’m super baked. Anyways, I’ll syartboff with my list for cool strain names.

    “Agent Orange”
    “Cookie Jar OG” (best weed I’ve ever smoked)
    “Trainwreck” (not sure why, but it’s just really appealing)
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  2. AK47 is cool :D
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  3. My mate crossed a moby dick with a big bud then crossed that with a blue cheese.
    The result..
    Big Blue Cheesy Dick.
    Legend :)

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  4. Bill bixby.. hulk

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  5. Big Bang
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  6. Here's some (of varying degrees of quality):
    Altoid rush
    Canteloupe Island
    Pulsing firefly
  7. Early bird x OG kush=
    birdwatcher OG
    Alien breath X blueberry =
    Blue Alien fruit
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    Should've Ben big blue dick cheese
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  9. I am currently growing several different kinds of plants, but one of my most promising ones is one that I’ve been developing for a while. It is a sativa strain and I was thinking about calling it...
    Amish Acid or Amish LSD lmao.
    I laugh every time I say it.
  10. And I heard that a new strain called “Screaming Gorilla” is supposedly one of the most potent ever. This could just be hearsay, but I for one would love to try it
  11. Hippie Crippler
    Dogshit Cherry Pie
    Pink Panties
    Dude Where's My Car
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  12. Green crack i don't know if i love or hate that name
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  13. I'm vaping Boaty McBoatface (AKA Medihaze) now. Another favorite is Locomotion which is Blue City Diesel X Timewreck
  14. This is why straight folks don’t take Stoners seriously.

    Whoever came up with this...

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  15. It's all in your head
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  16. Cat piss
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  17. Dirty underwear
  18. Willie Nelson's total mind fuck. Hahahaha Thats not a real strain name.
  19. Bro that's already a strain, the best strain I've smoked
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