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  1. today two friends and i smoked, and we were on the side of town with a playground. im 19 years old with another 18 year old (the other guy left for class) on an elementary school playground. anyways, let me just tell you this: swings trip me the fuck out, ha. i always think im going into space. for example, once i swang and smoked at night, and i thought the tree above me was the ufo from independence day and started thinking how they werent ready for me or my technology. lol, anyways....

    so you guys know those airplanes that go SUPER HIGH and they look like long newspapers or something? well i was on a swing, and started freaking cause i thought the declaration of independence had escaped and was being blown in the wind into orbit.

    anyways, thats my story of tonight, ha. im still pretty high :)
  2. I've never been that high from weed but I was smoking a salvia joint on a swing and every time I would reach the peak of the swing I would lean back and about half way through the joint I leaned back at the peak and fell on my head from 10 feet in the air but it was on rubber shreds so it jus knocked me out.when I woke up there was like 3 lil kids lookin at me
  3. Double blechh :(
  4. I didnt even think salvia would work in a joint...

  5. Nawh it does. Problem is your way too fucked up to understand what a joint is well before the joint is gone. So you're tripping and just holding the burning joint like, WTF man.
  6. Salvia joint? lol .. . . .

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