Cool story, bro--

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  1. So thought I'd share this..
    I recently got a new job.  5 days a week, I have to be there at 5:15am.  I work about a 30 minute drive from my house.  As it happens, the perfect amount of time to hop out of bed, brush my teeth, shave, and throw on my work clothes puts me at setting my alarm every morning at -- guess what time?
    That's right 4:20am.
    I start my day at 4:20. Baller.

  2. Cool story, bro.
  3. Super duper cool story bro

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    That wasn't a cool story...that wasn't a cool story at all! You wake up at exactly 4:20 everyday and didn't mention wake n bakes? That's pretty much sacrilege, bruh. Very disappointed in you.
  5. Riveting tale ol' chap. 
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    gr8 blog m8, I r8 it 8.8.
    I couldn't do it, my sleep scheduled is fucked. When people say something like 9-5 I naturally assume they mean PM-AM since that's my prime time.
  7. I end my days at 2:15 :p 
  8. I jack off everyday at... Guess what time...

    6 to 9.

    this is my signature. Right here.
  9. Lol by 4:20am Im already at work and roasting a bowl on break
  10. my day doesn't start or end anywhere because i'm awesome.
  11. You took the fun out if it, bro.
  12. I wanna read how you wake and bake at 420 am everyday and get fired from work for being stoned on the job. 
  13. That's one hell of a cool story bro

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