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Cool sorry about a dealer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SortaStoner, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. So bak in high school there was this kid me and my buddy bought from but he stopped fucking with us because we brought along our buddy one time and then our friend got his number somehow, probably MySpace at the time lol, and tells the guy that we gave his number to a bunch of people, which then in turn made us beat the shit out of this kid. I kinda skipped the part where te dealer asked how he got the number but you get what I'm saying. But anyway yesterday me and a buddy went to a drive thru and my window is fucked up so I had to go inside. In all the confusion I got a Gatorade and a pack of cigs for my friend but I forgot the white owls. I get in the car and my friend screams you forgot the fucking swisher how do you forget the key ingredients?!?!? Anyway these large black guys start laughing at us an one of them was the old dealer so we said what up to him then he gave me his number after like 5 years later and told us to hit him up and then invited us to smoke a blunt with him hahaha all in all pretty awesome day. He probably just wanted to start dealing to us cause back in high school me and my buddy steady bought 40 sacs everyday from him and he loved that probably lol he obviously knows we have even more money now!
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  2. that is a cool sorry bro! one of the best sorry's i've read in awhile
  3. #3 SortaStoner, Jun 21, 2013
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    Jesus Christ I'm dumb, I love a good story but love a good sorry even better
  4. haven't found the need to apologize
  5. #6 Deleted member 616232, Jun 22, 2013
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    ok I am old or maybe there is some other reason I have never heard of white owls. Are those papers? What are white owls?
  6. #7 Scribbles510, Jun 22, 2013
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    Those are cigarillos you use to roll blunts with. They might not be around in your area, but they're definitely a product you won't notice if you don't smoke blunts.

    Sorry about your sorry bro
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    I haven't even figured out what a blunt is, other than a great big fat joint rolled with cigar papers?  That's my best guess.
  8. Dot get them confused with cigars my friend! Cigars are beautiful and ciggarellos are just pieces of shit till you put weed in them. Go To your gas station and they have CIGGARILLOS not cigars and that's what you use
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  9. So a blunt is a joint rolled with cigarillo papers?  Sorry, I am old. The internet has opened a whole new world for me. Most things weren't around when I started in 1968
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    Well, you don't just get papers. You get an actual cigarillo for about 50 cents, split it open, dump out the tobacco, and fill that baby with weed! lol.

    Although there are also "blunt wraps", which are just tobacco papers, used to roll up "tobacco" ;)

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    gas stations have both cigars and cigarillos, rillos are just smaller

    these are cigars [​IMG][​IMG]

    these are cigarillos

  12. Thanks! I learn so much here. :gc_rocks:
  13. Cool story bro
  14. came in to post this but dam i was too slow 

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