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cool RooR sig pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by debauch, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. ok, so i noticed this today while baking out. the signature on my purple roor, when looked at at the right angle, looks like there are 2 signatures, one green and one blue.

    heres it from the front:

    just thought people might like to see it, cause i thought it was pretty cool.
  2. what am i supposed to be looking at? :confused:
  3. ^i think you're sposta look at the shadow of the sig on the inside wall.
  4. I see it too and didn't even think about it being the shadow until I read the replies. (nice call xCPx)

    It is awesome that you are so totally baked. :D :metal:
  5. theres a ghostly blue sig just to the right of the real green one.
  6. one of us, or both of us, are really baked, because i'm really not getting this. :wave:
  7. maybe this helps
    the green one is the real sig, the blue one is the ghostly shadow
  8. Speaking of cool RooR sigs. Have you seen the sigs on the 9mm models. They are bad ass. I will see if my shop will let me take a picture of one.
  9. if its the exact shape id say its some color that melted through to the other side
  10. if a noob had posted this (someone quite like myself) they would be bitched at for making a pointless thread.
  11. Am I the only one that see's it? That's pretty sick - are all roors like that?
  12. nah, we all see it.
  13. i fail to see its pointlessness. i saw something cool on my bong and thought that other tokers might think it was interesting too. last i checked seeing interesting things while high is a seasoned tokers kinda thing. when i first saw it i thought it was just cause i was really blazed, and then i realized that it was because of how i was looking at it.

    the signature itself is slightly bluer on the back, but doesnt go all the way through, it is definately sitting on the outer surface. i guess the inner wall reflects the back so it makes it have that double effect.

    IMO, RooR sigs are really cool things, and i think maybe we should get a RooR sig thread going, i bet there are alot. (i might have started one before, ill check).

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