Cool Pokemon Grinder

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    So I couldn't find a thread to post this in, but I wanna show my grinder cause it's really cool and I didn't actually realise what the design until recently.

    It's Charmander within Charmeleon within Charizard representing its evolution. :D
    And my current keif

  2. Feel free to post pictures of your other cool grinders too :)
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  4. That's awesome!
  5. That's badass, where'd you get it?
  6. Sweet grinder.
  7. I expected a grinder shaped like a pokeball, but that design is really cool too.
  8. do you know if there's a hunter/gengar one?? 
    P.S: that's mega awesome 
  9. I just got it at my LHS Rock Universe. I have no idea if they make others, although that'd be awesome.
    Thanks for the love guys :love:
  10. i'm pretty jealous..

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  11. You should be! :laughing:
  12. I want that grinder! lol
  13. that is bitchin :love:
  14. Oh, nintendo will not be happy about that.  They're notorious for going nuts on single parties infringing.
      Perhaps the seller will be safe, as they're mere shadows, but then again...  
      Pretty neat, though :D   I'd like a dragonite one :D
  15. Yeah, I'm fairly certain it's an unlicensed product.
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    check these dooooooooope ass pipes there just metal pipes with some sculpting puddy on em

    got this one cuz my lady love haunter bought myself the gangar one

  17. Dude that's badass. I wonder anybody makes pokeball grinders, I would buy that in a heartbeat
  18. That is awesome!
    I have problems smoking out of things that are staring back at me, usually.
  19. Charmander was always my favorite, that's so dope!
  20. That grinder is fucking awesome. I'm not really a fan of fancy expensive grinders but if I came across one with a pokemon that even liked a little I'd pick it up no questions asked. OFF TO GOOGLE TO SEE IF i CAN FIND ONE ON THE INTERNET!

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