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Cool People

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smr312, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. So i see a lot of repeat threads about people that you dont like to smoke with or be around high. But now its time for a cool people thread. You know people that are cool with smoking and are fun to be around high.

    One of the coolest people ive known was my Highschool art teacher. He was an older guy with some pretty radical views on some subjects, like mandatory military service. But he also didnt fourm an opinion about something without experiencing it first. One day while in class my junior year my art teacher called me over to the desk to discuss some of my work. He told me he had noticed that the work i bring home is always better then the stuff i finish in class. so i was just like yeah well when i work at home im just in a setting where im more comfortable and i can do stuff that is frouned upon here. so he looks at me for a minute and goes. "you smoke weed dont you?" i just laughed it off saying i neither confirm or deny that i do. later as the class left for lunch he calls me over again and says "dont worry about weed, before i was a teacher I would always get high before working on a project someone hired me for because it always turned out better." we have been friends since that day
  2. Smoked with the nypd once
  3. My dad, we both knew each other smoked for years , but never said anything about it to each other, then one say I pulled my spoon out and said, " wanna smoke a little?" and we've been smoking buddies ever since :)
  4. I really like someone who can have deep philosophical conversations with me without thinking that the ideas we're talking about are ridiculous. I also really like funny people who are great at telling jokes. I REEEAAAALLLY love someone who would want to go on an adventure into the fields while high. most of my friends are lazy assholes so they never want to go walking around with me, lol.
  5. my dog dude hes so trippy
  6. i like smoking with people that are nice to be around. relaxed people open to new things , and hopefully like metal so we can listen to some good bands . people who arent too closeminded, people open to new things and new ideas . people who have similar interests as me . people who give off a good vibe , helpful nice people . i always wanted to smoke with family members . people who wont judge you, preferrably people who enjoy self improvement. improving yourself one way or another should always be an active task .

    people who bring their own good weed, then you can bust your good weed in a pile with their good weed, then you have 2 kinds of good weed. then you can roll a joint , smoke a small bong , bust out the big bong , smoke it any way you want . hotbox the room but beware doing too often in a row youll get a nose clogged with resin hahaha

    also people who can hold a good conversation with you . people that teach you new stuff . idk ill smoke with anyone as long as there not annoying or conceited. people should be humble,
    people that can take a joke and laugh at themselves when they need to.
    people who like smoking weed :smoking::smoke:as much as i do , its good to smoke with people who are at a similar point in life , ie ppl going to the same school as u , ppl same age , ppl in similar living conditions idk stuff like that but its good smoking with people that are way different than you too because they have goen through different stuff than you and have different perspective of things because of it .

    people that have a good sense of humor and like to laugh .

    most of all people that wont snitch on you for enjoying your medicine.
    so to conclude : friendly,relaxed,chilling,weed connosieurs, metalheads, people w a sense of humor, humble, kind, people that will laugh with you , smoke with you and have fun with you . so basially anyone who wants to smoke :D:D but no snitches or thieves, i hate ppl taking my stuff and people telling on ya for whatever reason :confused:

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