Cool night on the golf course

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stevieponiczz, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Well this story probably isnt too interesting but it was a really cool time..and i suggest it to everyone. I'm not a really a social smoker..i get high with 2..3 people tops. Most of the time alone. Last night me and my buddy snuk onto the golf course near my house. We went to this big hole that over looks the lake. I got nice and toasted and layed back on the fiarway and stared at the stars for like 30 minutes then jsut gazed out at the lake then fianlly decided to head home. Ahhh...good time good times. I plan on going there next weekend with my girl...something tells me that time it wont be as quiet and pecefull..but equally fun!
  2. LOL.......Just remember ta replace your divots!!! :smoking:
  3. social smokin is the best, thats wut its all about. On thursday before i left town i went to a party wit 2 of my friends (expecting them to be the only 2 peopl i know there). When i got there everyone was drinkin an smokin an i met people i knew back in elementary school! I met people from my middle school and sum of my other high was hella live, i wish i could do it again...
  4. i love expreinces like that where everyhting falls into place, like the party or the peaceful course. Good luck woth your girlie next weekend, but just rememeber that people have to walk on that golf course
  5. if u go to the sand bunkers make sure u rake the buttcheak bumps that are left behind... but actually, it would be hella funny for the golfers the next day to come and see them in the sand and wonder what they are...???
  6. LoL maybe i'll leave a little latex gift in one of the holes too so when the golfer reaches in to pick up his ball..he gets something compliments of me. Or is that too grotesque?
  7. latex gifts are never any good...
  8. sure they are. imagine a 70 year old granny reachin in to find one of those. just make sure you close it up, wouldn't want that kind of mess on me man.

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