Cool new product coming in the mail!

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  1. I posted this on the general forum yesterday, but it looks like it belongs in the "tools" section instead.

    Flex Essentials.

    Basically, one of my friends had a purple one of these and was showing me how crazy easy it is to clean his glass now. I bought a green one thats shipping right now. it doesnt look like they have pics of all the colors on their site to me, but apparently they make them in all the colors listed on the site, because the one i saw was purple. theyre probably getting more pictures taken soon.

    Anyway, my friend was shaking his bong around with this thing in and it really looked like a great tool. He told me that he hasn't had to change water between sessions because the rubber keeps it in, and that his bong didn't smell bad during storage because it kept the smell in, from the bottom at least.

    pretty cool none the less
  2. Wow... Revolutionary stuff.....
  3. So you paid $5 + shipping for a plug that you could of gotten for like 50 cents at the hardware store?
  4. yea i just use a wine bottle thing for re plugging up wine you havent finished its green and a cork it work perfect and it was free.99 lol found it around the house
  5. I guess you could say your, I mean the product, is a okay? ;)

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