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  1. So I haven't really played an MMO in probably 9 years but I am really bored this summer and was looking for one. I have played Everquest 1 and 2 but that was about it I have no idea what is out there now. 
    Eve Online looked really cool but the combat system is a huge turnoff. I did really enjoy EQ 1 and 2 so something along those lines would be great but I find the complexity of Eve Online very fascinating as well. 
    Any help is appreciated! :)

  2. San Andreas Multiplayer server w/ most # of players
  3. Thanks I will check it out! :)
  4. i was going to say Dust 514 if you have a ps3....but it runs on the EVE servers. YES, it's a ps3 game but you play in the world as EVE players on PC.
    if you have a PS3 it's worth checking out due to the fact it's free right now and they plan to soon charge $50
  5. Sadly no PS3. I have been looking at Planetside 2 and it looks cool though. I am fine with either an MMORPG or MMOFPS to be honest. 
  6. i just started playing tera rising again.
    combat is always a good time. just leveling for now so no idea how the end game content is though
  7. My friends have been playing Neverwinter, its MMORPG like, but also similar to Diablo in that your looting and questing not in an open world, but constant instances. You'll only encounter your party membres in an instance. Its somewhat fun, but not fun enough that I kept playing past level 9. 

    The combat is cool though, you actually aim with the mouse and use your skills rather then Tab numberkey.
    I've been playing Path of Exile, and while its not a MMORPG, its a DIABLO clone to a T.  Its pretty fun, pretty complex, if you like those kind of games.  IF you like diablo, you'll like it. If not, you won't. Its that similar.

    Both of those games are in Beta right now, so you can play for free.
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    I just recently started playing Star Wars the old republic. I find it really fun considering how much negative feed back it had, it's free to play with an option to pay for more benefits. But overall it's a pretty fun game.
  9. RIFT is the best MMO right now

    Its going free to play on the 12th because the community demanded it.
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    There are tons of both free to play games and pay to play games that are out right now. Pick your poison.

    I'm playing Darkfall Unholy Wars at the moment. It's pay to play, but it's a sandbox and has one of the biggest worlds in any MMO. There's a lot of PvP, getting ganked, etc. It's more of a hardcore, anything goes type of game, so it's not for you little WoW heads lol. You also have to aim your skills. No tab-targetting and mashing buttons here.

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