Cool mist humidifer + hps light

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    Hey im just wondering how safe it is to use my cool mist humidifier inside of the grow tent with a hps light on at the same time

    The reason im wondering is because the mist that comes out of the humidifer is very thick and can reach as high as the hps bulb, im scared of the mist causing my bulb to explode

    I need a higher humidity level so im kind of stuck here, thoughts anyone? Ive tried other ways to make humidity, it doesnt make close to enough (i tried water buckets and wet towls inside the grow room) So i do need to use this humidifier

    My humidity is at 9 percent without the humidifer on, and im vegging

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. If you need higher humidity in your room, add a pitcher of water on the floor or a bucket of water...find the right amount of water to add...
    it will instantly raise humidity but be careful because too large a container will cause it to skyrocket way too high.
    Easy cheap ways to get this stuff done. Lack of humidity is a great problem to have...too much humidity sucks dick
  3. What I do is add a glass of water behind one of my fans blowing in my little veg area I got keeps my humidity right around 50 percent. It was at 20-30 percent before I did this.
    Don't waste electricity and money buying stuff...try it out :)
  4. i dont use a humidifier all winter and mine grow just fine..the leaves just grow smaller so it doesnt transpire as much...just saying its not a necessity
  5. Ive already tried using water buckets it didnt work, its so dry in my house i dont think people understand lol the furnace humidifier is broken and i live in canada. Getting the cold air to be warm, takes all the humidity out of the air

    I actually already bought a humidifier, it was like $40 im just scared of using it with the hps :(

    Maybe your humidity isnt as low as mine? The low humidity and soilless media im growin in causes the soil to dry out FAST. Also makes the plants grow way slower. I mean a plant can grow in almost any condition, so of course it would grow ok with low humidity. But the truth is thay high humidity will cause more explosive growth

    My humidity is at 5-10 percent. Sometimes lower, but never more then 10 percent without any humidifier

    Im just trying to figure out if its safe to use the humidifier i already have with the hps bulb i have too. The humidifier was safe when i used cfls, not too sure if it is with an hps

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