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  1. i dont have swag. i am not baller. i am not chill. and i am proud. i AM a truthseeker. i AM an admirer of beauty. i LOVE the Human Race, no matter how unsexy and uncool most of us are. lets make our own version of cool.
  2. White hippie.

    Me too :smoke:

    On an unrelated note, I got my ears pierced yesterday.

    Definitely digging it.

    Try it.
  3. swimming with the fishes.

  4. that sucks cause all the ballers I know, are ballers because they are the truth.

  5. alright! that should look totally baller with my hollister shirt and my sagging skinny jeans! swag on!
  6. I said hippie, not wannabe preppie.

    Let's try again...

    I dress up at work.

    Outside of work.. I just don't give a fuck. :smoke:
  7. OP, youre a baller and you dont know it.
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    they are ballers cus they are struck with dunning kreuger syndrome. they go out into the world with supreme confidence in things that are simply not true, and the lowest common denominator of society eats it up and admires them for their "strength". most folks care more about being glamorous than living by the Truth. they would rather piss their lives away looking good and being admired.

    im gonna go commit suicide real quick...brb...
  9. This is your view. How do you know what chronic or his known ballers stand for? Just because you see idiots in your world, doesn't mean others respect them. He said they stand for the truth. Instead of asking him what that truth was, you immediately assumed it was wrong and bashed them (and him by association). I could be wrong though, and you know something I don't, and I'm just making an ass out of myself.

    So, chronic, what is this truth?
  10. I was uncool before uncool was cool.
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    lol no, its easy to pick those out. there is something wrong with their aura that you can pick up easily if youre with the truth. as im sure you know already.

    loyalty before royalty.

    fake ballers do it for themselves.
    real ballers do it for their people.
    i dont have friends man i have brothers.
  12. I love everything. Swag or no swag baller or shot caller hippie or hipster. Everyone is a natural being and the soul within holds all the power. Some of these people need to not be brainwashed by the media tho
  13. I am a Hermit and a Loner
    I am One who Values Actions over words...
    and Morals over appearances
    I hate mainstream and value the underground
    I follow my quest for enlightenment and insight
    Love is my key to the light....


  14. FUCK YEAH! + rep
  15. I ball on a budget

  16. thats pretty much how i roll. except i only work with two other people, so i just look nice to go to the gym and concerts. same for both really. tanktop. loud colored shorts. pulled up of course.

    looking nice is fine, i just hate how people only accept established, popular styles and shun those who dont adopt them. these styles come with cookie cutter personalities too. im not saying this of all trendy looking people, i have some trendy looking freinds who are extremely good human beings, but alot of them only accept certain types of behavior. like, alot of people my (our?) age only like people who walk up with their damn eyes half closed and say "sup". then they wanna either talk shit about people you both know, or they wanna talk about tv or music or movies or somthing (only the most popular stuff of course), which is fine in small doses but the folks im talking about substitute real conversation for this trivial, generic stuff. that and appearently no one is ever supposed to be happy to see eachother. everyone just has to be too cool. like, "oh, its you. sup. did you see jersey shore last night?"
  17. Why bother wasting your hate on them? It's not their fault; they've been brainwashed by the media. They're simply not aware enough to escape it and see what else is out there, or else they just don't care. Either way, in our eyes, they're (slightly?) disabled. Do you hate someone who is missing an arm? If so, why?

    If not, why would you hate someone who is missing half of their brain? At least in this case, they vhave the potential to learn. Someone without an arm isn't growing that back. Not having learned something is a blessing in disguise.

    If they completely refuse your suggestions (when free of trying to control/troll them), and only try to troll you back, they obviously have some hate for you. Does that mean they're worth the time you could spend on hating them? Is that time greater than the time you could spend educating those who will listen, or bettering yourself? Or just enjoying life?

    Idk, I just don't see the point of hate. It's worthless in my opinion.

  18. the impression i got from chron's post is that "ballers" ARE the truth. its one of those really hip hyperbole's that are in fashion now. its sorta like a chuck norris joke, like, how can someone BE the truth? he just that badass! im pretty sure thats what it means. and do you see the logic of that? all it is, is supreme confidence in yourself, to the point of arrogance. and for what?

    well generally, self professed ballers see themselves that way because they happen to fit in really well in a certain fashion and scene. more power to them, but when they start treating people outside of their worldview like second class citizens, and telling people they are weird for talking about stuff like current events and science and philosophy, it pisses me off.
  19. Its all a personal preference for me. I feel better when I dress nicely. By that I mean at least throwing on clean jeans to go to the store.
    Dressing up less is best at times.
    I don't like feeling sloppy, I will have the attitude to go with it.
  20. Sure, there are 'ballers' like that. Who have a circumstantial truth.

    But aren't there people who just see things as they are? Not necessarily knowing the world, but seeing everything in their life as it is, from different perspectives, and know how to react accordingly (to the circumstances). Is it really so wrong to play the field in order to get better circumstances for yourself? Sounds like survival to me, in a different sense. Maybe even evolution, if you want to go there.

    I think I see things in life from an honest perspective. I see what is intended by the person who created the intent, the effects of it, and the reactions to those effects. In that sense, I am a baller.

    Do I piss you off?

    If so, why?

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