cool homemade waterfall

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    i love waterfalls and gravity bongs but i was tired of using crappy water bottles, so i made my own out of a paintball pod. I just drilled a hole in the top for a bowl and a hole in the bottom so the water could come out. this thing gives some killer hits too.


    also here is a crappy video to show it working ,but the smoke didnt show up that well.

    [ame=""]YouTube - waterfall bong[/ame]

    im also gonna throw my hennessy bong up too.


  2. plsu rep for pod lo
  3. Just make sure that the plastic around the metal bowl isnt burning as well man, other than that it looks like a pretty sick piece. I was thinking about making something similar out of my paintball pod, ill post pics later if i actually make it

  4. yea i made it to where the slider goes in insted of just the bowl so there is no heat. im planning on filling this thing with ice and take a hit because the ice will just stay inside of it and the only problem iv had with gravs and waterfalls are the hits being too harsh, so that might help.
  5. +++rep for pod use ha
  6. how'd you get a hole in that glass bottle?
  7. i used a dremel with a dimond bit, you have to go slow with it, i ended up having a few small cracks around the hole but the rubber grommit keeps it air tight.
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    Nice bong and the waterfall is cool. I have a Vodka bottle that would be a perfect bong. +rep or sure.
  9. both look sweet +rep
  10. Like the ingenuity of using a paintball pod, and who doesn't love a good alcohol bottle bong? I've made so many haha.
  11. nice henn bottle!!
  12. Ive thought of making my paintball pods into bongs before...
    But never a waterfall

    Good Job !

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