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cool hash oil idea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by online_doper, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. Check it out! I got this bad-ass idea while I was smoking a joint this morning.

    New way to make hash oil:

    1. Fill a coffee maker up with Isoprophyll Alcohol (99%) (ya know, where the water would normally go.)
    2. Insert coffee filters and place 1/2-ounce of finely grated weed in it.
    3. Brew as normal.
    4. Leave the coffee maker on for awhile so the heat from the coffee maker's "eye" would warm the liquid enough to evaporate the alcohol and the remainder would be hash oil!

    What do ya think?
  2. huh, sounds logical. only one way to find out. you have to squeeze the hell out of the last bit though.
  3. i thought ether was involved...?
  4. use everclear instead, its safer and works better, or taluene, its the best. But maybe after you do it, take the liquid and put it back into the coffee pot again, cuz I doubt even one or two times throught wont take ALL of the thc out...
  5. would the THC go through the filter??? it might be too thick.

  6. Nah, the THC would dissolve in the alchohol and pass thru the filter with it.
  7. ok... but wouldn't you just end up with hash after all the alchohol evaporated?

    someone did something similar... 'cept they fried it or somethin' instead of using the coffeepot.

    that is a good idea though :D
  8. forgive me if i'm wrong but isn't hash the compressed plant matter where as the oil is the thc and some other gunk from the plant that's non polar? So wouldn't this leave oil not hash?
  9. i honestly have no idea (which would be why i asked). i'm not very familiar with hash/hash oil processing... i know bubble hash is pretty much the same thing as what's described in this thread... cept all the trichomes are shaken off of the plant matter and strained through fine mesh... and they use water instead of alchohol... shit... it'll get ya fucked up either way, so it really doesn't matter, lol :D
  10. Ya, that would be hash oil, it should work fine. I think you definetly should run the alcohol through a couple times, ENJOY!

  11. Truer words have never been spoken *sensitive yet manly tear forms at the corner of switch's eye*

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