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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by ImPakelika, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. Recently I found a bad ass game called Highgrow, basically what it is, is a Marijuana Growth simulator its pretty bad ass. If anyone wants it just go to yahoo and search for it.
  2. hmm...i JUST got far, pretty boring...reaaaaallllly far as tedious measurements blah blah blah, but im sure its super duper educational tho...anyway, i figure give em time to sprout and grow and it will be a lil more fun...its in really real a while
  3. Yep played it, its pretty cool like growing pot in your computer.
    No samples though. =(

  4. i got some nice plants goin, soon it will start budding, its been goin for like 2 months or so.. forget
  5. thanks for the tip on the game i downloaded it it seems pretty damn cool
  6. my friend brought that game over last week. really just a good way to teach you, if your sober enough to learn. heh, but yea, i remember we were just staring at the three pots and wishing that some would come out of the cd rom or somthin.
  7. is it in like real time like 2 days there is 2 days hear?
  8. Yes, if i remember correctly, it was pretty close to real time. Takes patience for the game too, damn


  9. hey ick... your avatar is fuckin trippy as shit when you're trippin you're on acid... wait a minute... i'm on acid...

    well... that would explain a lot

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