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  1. I (like everynight) was looking at my 3 favorite cellestial objects last night and today, decided to google each one. One is our galaxy's closet neighbor, the spiral galaxy Andromeda (m31). The second is m42, a starforming nebula in Orion. And the last (first object I saw through magnafication) is m45.

    M45, or the Pleiades, is an open cluster to the north of Hyades (looking from the east). M45 is one of the coolest objects to look at. Its quite visible with the naked eye...showing from 6-9 stars, depending on conditions and eyesight. But when viewed through even binoculars, literally hundreds of stars jump out at you.

    Well, the cool fact I found out from researching m45 is that its Japanese name is, Subaru. And the car company took that name.

    Their logo is even a rendition of m45. Besides the biggest star on the top left of the logo, it looks just like m45 does with the naked eye. I always thought, even before I was into astronomy, that m45 looked like an midget dipper.

    I highly suggest to anyone interested in astronomy, or just likes to look at stars, to check out m45, m42, m31(andromeda) and for good measure, Hyades. Hyades is also visible to the naked eye. They are all pretty much in the same vicinity of the sky. At 3am (from the northeast..connecticut) the constellation Orion is between east and southeast. M42 is in Orion...and then straight up to the center of the sky is (in order) Hyades, m45, and then the Andromeda galaxy. All awesome objects to check out. For those with good magnification....a bright nebula (kinda oxymoron...hard to see) m78 and another nebula, IC434 are very near Orion. Actually, zeta orion is included in IC434. Zeta ori is the 3rd star down in Orion's belt. Stars in constellations are often named using the greek alphabet in order of brightness (i think). So alpha would be the brightest (i think)
  2. Thats awesome man. You have a great hobby, and I'm a big car guy and had no idea about that subaru fact.. sweet stuff
  3. wow I never knew about the subaru thing either, thats pretty cool.
  4. Yep, Pleiades is one of my favorites on that entire list. I don't have a telescope, so I have yet to find it, but...

  5. thats good stuff mang. i didint even know any one else here liked astronomy.i took some classes on it and was just amazed ever since. such a chill and peacefull hobby.

  6. chill is probably the best word to describe it.

    i got a sweet pair of binoculars for 80 beans. 15x70 mag. Cellestron Skymaster.... its amazing what you can see with a simple pair of binocs.

    i joined an astronomical society a few months ago....... best thing i could do for my hobby. nothing better than asking a zillion questions to seasoned astronomers.... plus they have big ass dope telescopes.
  7. I hear you, I've always had a fascination with astronomy since I was a kid. There's an indescribable feeling that I associate with staring up at the stars, which is why I am seriously considering cutting the power three counties wide so I can see the stars where I am for once.

    Those binoculars look pretty nice, I think I'll check them out!


  8. hell yea... the binocs help a shitload. i live on the water in CT and the glow from NYC and its snobby ass suburbs (stamford, greenwich, southpost, westport, weston, wilton, new canaan....not all very bright but rich assholes none the less) often taints the lower skies.

    even on a full moon splashed sky, the binocs can focus your vision away from the distracting light and to what you're looking for. where i live in CT, the best/darkest time to look is between 145-sun up. When the sun comes up it obviously gets lighter....but Venus rises like 2 hours before the sun and Saturn only like 45 minutes. But on a cold night (colder is clearer due to earths atmosphere...something somethingsomething) around 3am..... its the best. By then most neighbors have thier lights off...there aren't many cars to shine headlights in your eyes and fuck up your nightvision for 5 minutes. Plus, for me, 3am is when the best cellestial objects are easily viewed. The milky way if right over head and streams across the sky farther than i can see. Then is when I check out Mars, Hyades, m45, m42, m31 andromeda, and often the remnents of the perseid meteor shower and the beginnings of the aurigids. both constellations are next each other and both have active showers now.

    space kick ass.
  9. I agree with you. I live in a pretty modest suburban area and these people insist on keeping their porch light burning through the night while they sleep! I don't get it!

    At any rate, I'll probably be touring out to the middle of nowhere sometime in the next month and enjoying the sky while I still can. :D

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