Cool eye trick!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Unknown, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. Okay look at the below image, if you stare at it just right, it looks like there are grey dots on the intersections of the white lines!
  2. Whoops....forgot the image!

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  3. yeah. k. so what?

    sorry... just finnished of a huge rant about the ilegalization process of pot and how the US gov is fucking up the world because of their capitalist ways.... grey dots just don't seem that amazing right now


  4. lol, right on Digit. This should go to Chill out zone > General.
  5. I saw a trippier one before, cuz you actually saw blinking dots.
  6. Jesus, i put this on cuz i thought you guyz would like it, but dont bite my fucking head off! Keep the peace bro.
  7. this is the trippier one

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  8. thats cool.
  9. AHHH My eyes! AHH... MY BRAIN! too much to take in at once! lol.
  10. just concentrate on one dot in the middle, it helps
  11. holy shit! That is sweet...try looking at the middle, then start moving your eyes around it, damn gets you dizy, hmm maybe I look at that to get sick and try to get out of school, oh yea, no more school, no need, but still it pretty damn cool!
  12. the best optical illusion I ever saw was one where this thing spins around and you look at it for a minute and then look up and everything looks trippy and starts stretching and shit...

  13. oh, hell yes skreebly.
  14. now thats fuckin nuts im not sure if it was the illusion or if it was the dxm i took.
  15. I wont more :D

    grtz El_addict
  16. This Kicks ass 8o

    grtz El_shocked

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